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River Crown

River Crown was established in early 1330 near the headwaters of the Western Cold River, Janis Duchy, Rakore. The village has about 150 people, and whom were lead there by Sir Tyrne le Boeuf, local lord to the regional baron. Sir Tyrne hoped one day to turn River Crown into a trade city, working the nearby pass through the mountains and funneling in foodstuffs and goods from the Janis Plains. Sir Tyrne died in the winter of 1330 defending the town against an undead incursion. After that time, Baron Wilhelm Dellis moved to his largest village and made it the capital of his barony.

The village is mainly made of sod, with buildings dug into the earth part way, and roofs also of sod over wooden frames. Stone was used in the construction of the outer building walls and hearths. Several buildings in town are taller the others, the largest being the village's collective barn and silo. The other taller buildings are the temple, and smithy, and the mill.

The temple, made more of stone than sod and with a real wooden roof, is dedicated to the local pantheon of Whalin, Yatindar, Mikindim, and Arpelos. It is lead by a priestess of Rahne named Fe'a Nilithira, who also helps train the town's militia and the many kobolds there while simultaneously trying not to shove the teachings of Rahne down the village's collective throat.

The mill sits on the north side of the town, using a horizontal spinning windmill to grind the grain, with hookups for cattle to drive the mill on those rare days on the plains when the wind does not move. The miller's home, next to the mill, is longer and larger than most – as he has two fireplaces and hosts guests, his home serving as the local tavern. Donald the Miller is a middle-aged man with a paunch and a red-nose from being into his own ale a bit too often, but he does a good job of milling and never cheats his clients (until they're as drunk as he).

The town hosts Maleah's Mercantile, lead by the Clan of Caerne. The mercantile uses coyote-mounted kobolds to ferry messages and small luxury goods all over Rakore. Some 150 kobolds work for the mercantile, and more join every season. Only a hundred of the kobolds can be found in town at any one time, and they live in just two one-room houses with a warren of tunnels connecting the two houses. The townsfolk respect the kobolds, who are policed by the Clan of Caerne rather fiercely, yet fairly.

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