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 +====== Rustos, Rakore ======
 +Rustos is a small village of perhaps 50 farmers, craftsmen, and families out on the Janis Plains of Rakore (total population of 153).  Located in the western plains region at the foot of Mount Breakhammer,​ Rustos belongs to the barony of West Plains. ​ The buildings are made of stone with some sparse wood, with the lord's manor, the temple, the barn, silo, and the miller'​s buildings being the largest of the square-cut, high-peaked buildings.
 +The village'​s lord is Sir Turon Rustos, a long-time sellsword for the Church of Yatindar. ​ Sir Turon is an accomplished warrior wielding a large two-handed sword, and has entitled four squires within the town to help lead the militia of 20 armed and leather-armored men.
 +The village'​s priestess is the Vicar Petra Hazha, a young woman devoted to a new image of Yatindar that emphasizes fairness in justice; Vicar Petra also serves as a judge for the town's issues when the lord is away or occupied. ​ Most of the village is dedicated to Yatindar, and to their Temple of Autumn Rebirth.
 +Rustos was settled in early 1330, and centered on a small wooded lake fed by spring thaws off of Mount Breakhammer. ​ Since that time, the village has grown somewhat, specializing in wheat, rye, cattle, and sundry seasonal vegetables. ​ The woods have been half cut down, but half remains, with sufficient shade and cover for most of the buildings in town and a small tended park near the lake.  Geese and ducks inhabit the lake during the warmer months when the lake is not frozen.
 +Maximum purchasing power is 500gp.\\
 +Crafters include:\\
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