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 +====== Sandar ======
 +Sandar is the most far western tip of the continent of Galanath, bordered by the Aboriac Sea on the north, and the Tamineth Ocean to the west and the south. The peninsula is primarily an extension of the Gaebrum Forest, and its inhabitants are humans that have, by trade or migration, made it to the fertile soil of Sandar. The human populace sees the Gaebrum Forest as an enemy that must be beaten back or controlled. The whole principality is controlled by less-than-noble reeves that are quite corrupt. The reeves, in turn, owe their loyalty to the Caspara family, which rules and controls all of the nation. While not particularly powerful, the Casparas have ruled with blackmail and assassination,​ and proven themselves quite ruthless in quelling rebellions
 +===== Trade =====
 +They also understand the need for trade and outside contacts, and thus keep international relations relatively neutral. ​ They tend to export rugs, arrow-wood, perfumes, slaves, and silver. ​ They import gold, arms, gemstones, iron, and spices.
 +===== Rulership =====
 +The nation is ruled over with an iron hand in a velvet glove named '​Uncle'​ Adroni Caspara. ​ He rules from the capital of Moharis, founded in 1276 Avard.
 +===== Religion =====
 +The major deities of worship are [[gaeleth:​divinities:​Samis]],​ [[gaeleth:​divinities:​Barith]],​ and [[gaeleth:​divinities:​Curiss]]. ​ Perhaps the most trustworthy individuals in the land are the priests of Samis -- Goddess of Shadows.
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