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The Silent Spring

The Silent Spring tavern is found in Kashin, near the north side of town. The tavern serves excellent elven wines, imported from both within and without Rakore. The owner and barkeep is an elderly elf that has seen over five centuries, and enjoys giving a free taste of the wine in exchange for a good story. Seleseresthel is more commonly called Seles, and hails originally from the Banoc forests.

The tavern itself is a large, two storied building built in a rough circle. Ivy covers the outside and the almost randomly assorted joists that stick out on the outside, giving the building the appearance of a tree. A sign hangs above the door showing a spring bubbling up near an ivy. An elf maid often hangs about near the door, calling potential customers into the tavern.

Inside the tavern, sunlight filtered through ivies lights the place in the day, while at night a plethora of candles hanging from the chandeliers sets the mood. A silent spring bubbles up from one end of the long stone bar, and runs down the middle of the bar and falls into a small pool. The pool has a few eudella lilies in it, helping to relax visitors to the tavern.

A second floor is little wider than small tables, leaving room for only two at a table at a time, all of whom have a good view down to the bar along the back of the room.

The tavern caters primarily to elves – sylvan, desert, and drow – but has other visitors as well.

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