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 +====== Star's End Monastery ======
 +The Star's End is located in [[Rakore]], a day's journey east of Firland along the Panthera River, or a day's journey west of Takanal along the foothills trail at the base of the mountains. ​ The monastery is dedicated to the study, preservation,​ and translation of languages. ​ The monks there have amassed a large library of books and scrolls and other works in many languages, and pay well for new works in other languages.
 +The original monastery was located atop a scenic southern edge of Mount Caleverous. ​ It overlooked the river and the forests to the south, until the [[gaeleth:​history:​War of the Four Winds]]. ​ The original was a virtually unassailable fortress, with the only entrance narrow winding stairs that took nearly a day to climb, or a rope-basket that carried patrons nearly 400ft straight up.  A monk was always on duty at the rope-basket to watch the river and the paths along the river. ​ The Abbotess, a woman known as Cassandra, gave her life during the War of the Four Winds.
 +There are currently some seventy monks and nuns in the facility, with most of the day-to-day work handled by Brother Irol, a stout middle-aged man full of intelligence.
 +Many of the books and the libraries of the Star's End were protected in hidden cave vaults beneath the original monastery. ​ Roughly a year after the original Star's End was destroyed, a temporary facility was completed further down the mountain and surrounded by woods. ​ The current Star's End is a simple affair, with a massive tower of wood and stone surrounded by a stone wall.  The enclosure was built quickly and at great expense to protect the monastery from bandits and creatures of the woods. ​ It is run by the Abbot Milam, an elderly man with thinning hair and a grandfatherly disposition. ​ Reconstruction of the original fortress continues apace, albeit slowly.
 +The monastery and its inhabitants are followers of [[gaeleth:​divinities:​Samis]],​ the Goddess of Language. ​ The primary pursuit of the monastery is the study of ancient languages, and so they often translate texts for fees.  They have a large library of nearly indecipherable texts, through which they make slow but steady progress. ​ Any knowledge gleaned from the ancient texts is used to make money, both to acquire new texts, and to rebuild the older fortress.
 +The facilities are relatively self-sufficient,​ with small gardens and a growing orchard within its walls, and small herds of sheep and goats. ​ The monastery is intentionally secluded, and turns away anyone seeking permanent residence who will not take up the monastic life -- save for a special group known as the [[gaeleth:​mercantile:​Procurators]] (hired hands used by the monks to protect special shipments).
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