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Stomalin Stromgard's Keep

Located along the southwest coast of Rakore, Stomalin Stromgard's Keep is a fortified and walled castle of moderate size. The main tower is five stories tall and nearly fifty feet across at its base, with accompanying stables, twenty foot stone walls, and a number of other facilities. Outside the keep, the small village of Stomalin helps support the castle and its newly-built docks.

The keep is variously referred to as Stomalin Keep and Stromgard Keep.

The keep was built in the 990s Avard by Stomalin Stromgard, a dispossessed noble from Giranhad. With a small fleet of loyal retainers, Stomalin landed on the coast of modern-day Rakore around 975 Avard, and proceeded to wrestle control of the land from the forests themselves. Stomalin styled himself a duke of the local region, lording it over the local humans, until he crossed paths with the dwarves around 1000 Avard. The Warkore dwarves laid siege to the keep until the duke surrendered all lands east of the Galanus River. Within a few years, the weakened duchy was hit by thousands of frog-like grippli, who wiped out the remaining humans at Stomalin Keep.

The keep was rediscovered, mostly intact, in the early 1320s by Jalik, Fairyth, and Xavier DeVoth on a mission for Gideon Enterprises. GE was, at the time, establishing a number of way-stations along the Galanus River, and decided that an oceanic way-station between Firland and Teras at Stomalin Keep would be profitable.

During the War of the Four Winds, Stomalin Keep came under attack by Nabrolian crusaders and ogran forces. The keep and the surrounding thick forests helped serve as a respite for many dispossessed peoples in Rakore. The keep anchored one end of a long line of forest, with Teras holding the other end. The region between the keep and Teras was one of the few places in Rakore not to fall at some point during the war.

After the war, the keep was built up with an additional wooden palisade wall outside the village, and augmented by defectors from the Mad God, Nabrol.

The keep and its surrounding lands are ruled over by Count Alvaria Jennins, a coldly calculating man said to fear only the plagues. The count possesses a full-time guard of some 100 men-at-arms, although most are dispersed throughout the county or on various shifts.

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