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 +====== Tulish ======
 +There once was a Sholin village along the northern coast of Baroneth, across the Gulf of Teras from [[Rakore]]. ​ The village had a population of some several hundred Sholin, and became a center of trade for Rakoran-Sholin relations in the gulf.  Over time, Rakore'​s mercantile [[gaeleth:​mercantile:​Gideon Enterprises]] decided to build a new shipyard in case the yard in [[Teras]], Rakore, were ever under siege or destroyed. ​ The Rakoran government backed the decision as a counter to [[Kur Maeth]]'​s naval influence in the region, and added a strong garrison to defend the facility.
 +In 1327, specialty priests of [[gaeleth:​divinities:​Lul]] known as '​Quitzara'​ went rogue -- at least, according to the official Church of Lul statements. ​ The Quitzara discovered repressed documents concerning the [[gaeleth:​history:​Inquisition]]'​s creation of the Cache Vaults, especially the self-destruct mechanism of the Cache Vaults. ​ The Inquisition used the vaults to store all of the arcane items they had not destroyed, and the self-destruct itself utilized a singularity,​ a type of small black-hole, coupled with a dimensionally folded pocket into '​other'​ space. ​ When a singularity and a dimensional pocket met, they would detonate with the force of a multimegaton nuclear warhead.
 +The locations of the Cache Vaults was a secret of the Inquisition that had been intentionally forgotten. ​ Coupled with the plans the Quitzara discovered, they managed to steal over a dozen of the self-destruct weapons over the course of the next year.
 +Rather than directly attack the mage-friendly nation of Rakore, an object of the Inquisition'​s wrath, the rogue Quitzara tested one of the weapons on Tulish in 1327 Avard. ​ The loss of Tulish to such a terrible weapon aroused Rakore'​s elite operatives, known as Firestorm, who tracked down the operatives and took the weapons into custody.
 +Most of the world knows only that Tulish was destroyed by the 'wrath of the gods' for its alliance with Rakore, and Sholin relations soured somewhat for several years, until the [[gaeleth:​history:​War of the Four Winds]].
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