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 +====== Bog Orcs ======
 +The bog orcs of Gaeleth tend to have a number of adaptations to living in the swamps and rivers of Gaeleth. ​ They tend to be hairless, and slightly slimey. ​ Bog orcs tend to have thick, relatively thin skin that is mottled green, brown, and black, in a sort of camouflage pattern that help them blend in with aquatic environs. ​ Bog orcs tend to be faster than their cousins -- especially in the water -- though somewhat physically weaker than other orcs.
 +Bog orcs tend to be found in northern and southern Galanath -- in the marshes of the Halenar Duchies, and the Cora Swamps of Aslin. ​ They tend to speak Orc (O'​Olphariz dialect) and the Giant'​s tongue.
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