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 +====== Desolate (a.k.a. Desert Elves) ======
 +The desert elves of Gaeleth were bred from the wild elves, millennia ago, by the Dharveil. ​ The Dharveil were high elves that ruled a kingdom with absolute power, and wanted only elves to guard them, and serve in their military. ​ Using magic and more conventional breeding programs that spanned millennia, the Dharveil created their specially bred warrior elves for the deserts that surrounded the Dharveil kingdom.
 +The desert elven males average six feet, ten inches in height, and tend to mass at close to two-hundred ten pounds. ​ Females tend to average six feet, six inches in height, and mass at close to one-hundred eighty pounds. ​ Both males and females are heavily tattooed, usually in a theme or pattern that also acts as camouflage.
 +The desert elves tend to be surly and reclusive, rarely interacting with other races unless they have to.   They gave themselves the name of the '​Desolate',​ though most people refer to them as '​desert elves'​.
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