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 +The duergar (sometimes known as the derro) are a race of dwarves that went deep into the earth, long ago.  The duergar have little interaction with any other species, tending to be xenophobic, photophobic,​ and very aggressive against outsiders -- including other dwarves. ​ Their own environment tends to be rather violent, aggressive, and nasty.\\
 + \\
 +They tend to have very pale to gray, ruddy skin.  Their hair tends to be thick, and grayish to white in color. ​ Their eyes tend to be very light in color, and range from light orange to light indigo.\\
 + \\
 +The duergar of Gaeleth tend to be found in the Sandra Mountains of Hobrimeth, deep in the Jaeth Mountains of southern Galanath, and in every mountain range in northern Galanath. ​
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