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 +====== Hill Dwarf ======
 +The hill dwarves of Gaeleth are those most commonly seen on the surface, with dark-colored beards and eyes.  They tend to have somewhat more rounded features than other subraces of dwarves, and are less likely to be agoraphobic. ​ Many hill dwarves actually live on or even in mountains, but truly are a separate subrace from the [[mountain dwarves]].
 +Any dwarf riding a mount is likely to be a hill dwarf, as they have a long history of taming difficult creatures. ​ The hill dwarf'​s long lifespan and affinity for all of nature -- including the land itself -- give many hill dwarves ample time to raise and breed specific stock. ​ Common hill dwarf mounts include: ​ goats, bears, giant lizards, gryphons, and [[gaeleth:​ecology:​hippotauns]].
 +Hill dwarves tend more towards stone-masonry than the other subraces of dwarves, although metalsmiths are not uncommon among them.
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