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 +====== Races ======
 +The races of Gaeleth are broad and varied. ​ Some argue that many of the races of Gaeleth -- orcs, elves, humans, dwarves, and others -- all descended from one ancestral race many millennia ago.  The argument fails when talking of the other races -- the ones to which no humanoids claim relations, even in war.
 +For more information,​ redirect to [[gaeleth:​races:​Races]]
 +A number of historians have found some records that indicate the goliaths and the halflings both were bred into existence by the Dharveil, a long-ago race of powerful elf-liches. ​ The records are somewhat confusing, in that many already accept that the desert elves were also bred by the Dharveil, but do hint at other races having been bred by the Dharveil, as well.  Several scholars have argued that goliaths and halflings could not have been bred by the Dharveil, as neither population group is found anywhere near the Choranil Desert on the western end of the world. ​ However, other scholars have argued that the Dharveil intentionally placed the two populations for various tasks, though what those tasks were is lost to history.
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