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 +====== Rock Orc ======
 +The rock orcs of Gaeleth tend to have a number of adaptations to living in the mountains and rocky hills of Gaeleth. ​ Their hair tends to be gray or black in color, and rather straight and oily.  Rock orcs tend to have thick, leathery skin that ranges in color from light gray to dark brown, with several shades in-between that help them blend in to rocky backgrounds. ​ Rock orcs tend to be more hard-headed and meager of cogent thought than other varieties of orcs, but are significantly hardier, and generally more cunning.
 +Rock orcs tend to be found in the mountains of middle and southern-Galanath. ​ The Vord Orcs are predominantly rock orcs, as are most orcs found in the [[gaeleth:​places:​Alekdan Principalities]],​ and those that battle with the Granite Clan of dwarves. ​ They tend to speak Orc (Lurvase dialect) and the Giant'​s tongue.
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