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Size: Gargantuan (L110ft, W25ft, D6ft).
Propulsion: 500 square yards of sail.
Speed: 7 knots, 100 miles a day.
Crew: 24.
Cargo: 25 tonnes.
Hull: 8“ of solid oak at the water line.
Deck: 4” foot of solid oak.
Mast: 80 feet from the water line.
Weapons: Two swivel-mounted light ballistae on each side of the bow.
Ship Qualities: Oceanic.
Flag: Rakore.
Cost and Construction Time: 15,225gp, and 5mos, 3wks.

The Dellistar was built out of Thayer's Rock and Gideon Enterprises in 1324 Avard, and she flies the flag of Rakore. She's been under her first captain since her launching, and has served primarily as a merchant ship, save for a short stint as a smuggler during the War of the Four Winds in 1329. The Dellistar and her crew saw action against both Nabrolians and Kur Maens during the war, and lived to tell about it. Since the war, they have returned to merchant runs, hiring out where needed for the best profit available.


Captain Nallya: She's a tough, weathered slate woman in her early 40s, with blonde hair gone to white, and piercing blue-gray eyes. Nallya owns the Dellistar, having earned up the gold for it working on various merchant ships through the years. She has a keen mind and runs a tight ship. On her off time, she likes to play the guittern, and she plays it quite well. Her lover is her first mate, but she keeps him on a short leash.

First Mate Corbit: He's a tough old slate bastard in his 50s, with a bald head and bald chin, and long gray mutton-chops and mustache. Corbit's been the captain's lover for several years, though she's too tough to let him fall in love, or to fall in love with him – and he knows that if he missteps the captain, he'll be left at the next port. Despite that, the two get along quite well, and run a good ship. Corbit stargazes in his spare time, mapping the heavens in an effort to understand them.

Officer Guel: He's a short slate man with dark hair and dark eyes, and a lean build. Guel is a good people-person, and willing to learn anything about everything. He runs a good shift, and toes the line for the captain and the first mate. Guel plays card games in his spare time, though never for money.

Officer Kim: She's a larger slate woman that can never lose that last bit around her middle, no matter how she tries. Coupled with her straw-colored hair and sun-browned skin, she has a jovial attitude in life, though she can be a bit snippy with some of the crew, particularly if she thinks they're making fun of her.

Officer Femmil: He's a lean sylvan elf that just signed on with the Dellistar within the last year. Femmil's dark hair and sun-browned skin throws off even sylvan elves, and he keeps mainly to himself, speaking only when necessary. He is an experienced sailor, and served aboard the Skate for a time, so he came with good recommendations. In his spare time, he hones his myriad blades; he keeps at least a dozen knives on him at all times.

Bosun Tamor: He's an Amaran man of middle years whose hair is still just shy of going gray, and so is all black, including in his beard. Tamor has been a sailor all his life, and knows nor cares for little else. A man of traditions and rules, he enforces the captain's will whenever possible, and generally annoys the hell out of the crew, correcting them when they're right, getting onto them about their port business, and more.

Cook Graintin: She's a short slate woman with dark hair and dark eyes. She maintains the mess and the crew quarters in excellent condition, and is a fair cook – and a better singer.

Crew: The Dellistar has a crew of 18 experienced sailors that have been with Captain Nallya and the ship for at least a few years. One of the crew is an ocean tomanth by the name of Killik, allowing Captain Nallya to operate in greater conditions than most other brigantines of similar size. Killik is none too bright, even for a tomanth, but he knows Captain Nallya takes care of him, and that's enough for him.


The ship carries a 14ft tender capable of carrying six tonnes of cargo. The tender is usually stored upon the deck above the cargo hold, and must be moved out of place to allow cargo in or out.

The Dellistar has six compartments from fore to aft:

forepeak - bosun's equipment and stores, anchor chains, et cetera.

petty officer's mess - sleeping space for four officers.

seaman's mess - sleeping space for the crew and the location of the galley.

cargo - up to 25 tonnes.

wardroom - sleeping space for six officers, including the captain.

captain's mess - a subdivision of the wardroom.

afterpeak - mooring line, fender storage and gear.

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