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Rattler II

Size: Colossal (L227ft, W52ft, D28ft).
Propulsion: 5,500 square yards of sail.
Speed: 14 knots
Crew: 400, plus 600 marines.
Cargo: 2,175 tonnes.
Hull: 2 feet of solid oak at the water line.
Deck: 1 foot of solid oak.
Mast: 205 feet from the water line.
Weapons: 40 heavy ballistae, 40 light ballistae, 10 mangonels
Ship Qualities: Oceanic, Frigate, Raider.
Flag: Rakore.
Cost and Construction Time: 66,850gp, and 1yr, 8mos, 1wk.

The original Rattler was commissioned on Vor the 2nd, 1313 Avard – built in the city of Teras by Gideon Enterprises (three years prior to the founding of Rakore). The Rattler was one of a score of light galleons commissioned that year by the then-owners of Gideon Enterprises, as part of an economic incentive program for Teras. The year of 1313 saw nearly a dozen of the 'snake' ships built, such as the Rattler, the Viper, and the Mamba. While considered an older design, the Snake Class of galleon was built of relatively high-quality wood, and had precision craftsmanship. The original Rattler itself saw considerable service as a warship during the War of the Undead, but was converted into a merchantman at the completion of the war. In 1324, she was converted back into a warship, and used to patrol the Gideon Enterprises merchant lanes between Al Fahim and Rakore. In the aftermath of the destruction of Tulish (by rogue Quitzara from the Church of Lul) in 1328, the original Rattler was pressed into service for Gideon Enterprise's special operations division, Firestorm. The ship was then reassigned to Captain Seamus Yarbus Stonehelm in 1329 for 'services rendered', as well as special missions for the Duke of Hallis Island, and the King of Rakore.

During the War of the Four Winds, Captain Seamus was promoted to Commodore, and given command of the next available skate-class ship off the docks of Thayer's Rock. It was originally intended to be named the Rider and given to Captain Vailid; unfortunately, Vailid died during the war, and his crew was similarly slaughtered by the Kur Maens. The ship drifted for several weeks on the high seas, before getting stuck in the mud near Hammer Isle. Since that time, the Rattler II has been considered the flagship of the Rakoran navy. The ship's wheel has been replaced with an enchanted wheel that doubles the ship's movement when under sails; the wheel was a transfer from the original Rattler.

The Crew

Seamus has attracted a faithful and loyal crew, led by the former Vridaran Imperial officer Vladimir Kushkin when his team is away from the ship. Vladimir's first and foremost follower is Gheledon Daneir, his Chief Bosun. There are half a dozen caulkers, carpenters, cooks, and sail-makers each.

Captain: Commodore Seamus

Captain's Bodyguard: Cleo

Ship's Cleric / Captain's Bodyguard: Maui.

First Mate: Vladimir Kushkin. Vladimir is an experienced artilleryman from the Vridaran navy, before he defected to Rakore. At 5'10“ and 160lbs, Vladimir can hold his own in shipboard fighting, but excels at directing fire and weapons against a foe, and captaining a ship. Though given several opportunities at a command of his own, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Vridaran prefers to serve under Seamus. Vladimir is also a decent fisherman, and was once a cleric of Olorin before giving up his vows. He speaks Vridaran, Common, and Sholin.

First Mate's Bodyguard: Iosef Katakamchka. Iosef joined the Rakoran navy about the same time as Vladimir, and found in him a kindred Vridaran adapting to Rakore and fighting against the Inquisition. At 6'1” and 210lbs, Iosef can easily hold his own in a fight. Preferring to use his fists and his feet, Iosef has proven himself again and again, including close-quarters combat against Nabrolians and Kur Maens during the War of the Four Winds. Iosef's thick Vridaran accent masks a slow mind – but a mind loyal to Vladimir.

Gunnery Officer: Ke'yel al Hirak. Ke'yel is an Al Fahiman with red skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. A fierce sailor, Ke'yel wanted only to sail with the best fleet imaginable, and found a natural affinity to gunnery. After Vladimir Kushkin was promoted from Gunnery Officer to First Mate, Ke'yel was promoted to the position, in which he has excelled.

Chief Bosun: Gheledon Daneir. A 6'2“ Amaran with long dreadlocks and a fierce countenance, Gheledon keeps the crew in check through sheer meanness. The Amaran is intimidated only by Seamus' immediate friends, despite his scimitar, leather armor, and a composite shortbow. Gheledon is a deep-voiced workaholic and busybody, driven by an innate anal-retentiveness.

Chief Marine: Angus Stonehelm.

Marine: Tor.

Marine: Bjarne Bearstrider.

Marine: Hrothgar.

Marine: Visik. The lead tomanth on board is Sergeant Visik, a tough lizardman with a fierce loyalty to his fellow marines and Seamus. More intelligent than the other tomanths on board, he keeps them in check and in line, and leads them into combat whenever he can.

Battlemage: Xavien de Lance

Battlemage: Seraphina Scrubfire

1st Shift Leader: Brian Stell. A balding sailor that wears a hat, Brian leads the first shift aboard the Rattler II

2nd Shift Leader: Diana Letarno. A short-haired older woman with iron biceps, Diana leads the second shift aboard the Rattler II.

Crew: The Rattler II has a varied crew, some of which are former prisoners from Hallis Island that earned their freedom. All have proven themselves in the War of the Four Winds, and serve as exemplars for much of the navy.

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