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Liam's Journal

These are the collected, surviving journal entries of Liam Caerne, beginning from the 8th of Dasad, 1331.

Journal entries extend from as follow: 1331: Dasad 8th, 9th

Dasad 8, 1331

In Fasra with Sir Tucker picking up smithing supplies. The weather has been pretty bad this trip, an edge to the cold that gets under your skin. Of course, this could also be because of the stories of increased undead in the area circulating amongst the locals. It's going to be a long trip back up to River Crown…

Dasad 9, 1331

The trip up the iceway was rough but we made it to Simon's place and received horrible news. My family's homestead, Caerne's Place, had been destroyed by the undead; my father, William Caerneson, is missing; and the only survivors are my brother, Telamon Williamson, cousins Lucard Wildstep and Aelar Wildstep, and Maleah my “adopted” godmother. I was too shocked to react at the time but now I feel it only strengthens my resolve to destroy the undead hordes and protect what's left of my family, so help me Whalin.

We stayed the night at Simon's and saw a glow on the horizon to the west towards Gull's place. I felt the urge to charge off into the night but with the dark and cold of the night, and Sir Tucker's insistence, I stayed.

Dasad 10, 1331

After a restless night, Sir Tucker and I set off once more for River Crown. <to be continued when I've had some sleep…>

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