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 +====== Jazed ======
 +Jazed is the innermost world of the Ekiras system. ​ It matches Earth-normal specifications to within 98%:  large moon, terra-normal gravity and size and mass, oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere, and the like.  The planet undergoes periodic fluctuations between ice-world and water-world,​ lying as it does so close to the star and on the inside edge of the habitability zone.  Jazed is currently in the middle of its 25,000 year long water-world,​ with some 70% of its surface being liquid water and no poles present. ​ On the other side of its water-world phase, it will resume an ice-world status, with some 70% of its surface being above land, including ice sheets that dominate the planet.
 +For more information,​ redirect to [[jazed:​Jazed]]
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