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Long ago, a massive fireball streaked through the heavens, roaring out of the east, and flying across the sky in the dark of night, obscuring the stars. The next day, hell itself was unleashed, as mile-high waves scoured the coasts of all cities and ships. Earthquakes destroyed all buildings. Red and yellow rain fell from the heavens, poisoning the water. Clouds of gas rolled over the land, suffocating the crops and the animals. Magma welled up out of the ground, burning everything in its path. Overnight, everything changed.

For eons, the evolution of Jazed had pushed for the psionic powers, in plants, animals, and in men. Those that practiced magic suddenly found themselves without power, as both the gods and the spells died. The only art left, psionics, was suddenly amplified a thousand times, and new heroes were born in the destruction that followed. And after years had passed, the people cried out, wondering to the heavens. And after a time, new gods began to answer the calls of the people, absorbing the old magics, and answering prayers with a new kind – the psionics of Jazed.

Centuries have passed, and new empires have sprung up to replace those lost millennia ago. As civilization once again spreads across the face of Jazed, explorers are tentatively mapping out the extent of the destruction. Barbarian tribes adept in the use of raw psionic power are meeting more refined and sublter psionic peoples, and all the while, the old animals and plants familiar with psionics are slowly taking their old haunts back. Heroes and adventurers are needed, to help build empires, and to help explore the ruins of an ages old power.

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