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Campaign X, Season 2, Episode 37

Of Thrones and Forges

Location: Lok Durass

Date: Dalan the 5th-6th, 1335 Avard

Characters: Chimes, Hiko, Roland, Meridyth, Corrine

Bullet Notes:
* Hiko began long process of summoning a large fire elemental.
* Meridyth and Roland took up position in front of the doors from which the sounds of zombies came.
* Chimes began the spell to animate objects.
* Corrine began running safety lines throughout the hall.
* Roland used an immovable rod to bolster a bronze shield that was lying nearby.
* Zombies came in hordes, those behind pushing on those at the front.
* Roland and Meridyth held the line long enough for Hiko to summon a fire elemental.
* The nearby doors began to bang from within, and the elemental was detoured to open those doors.
* A bebelith, two nalfeshnees, three ghosts, and a horde of manes were behind the broken door sigil.
* Hiko fireballed the room, taking out the manes.
* The fire elemental took over for Meridyth and Roland, burning the zombies to blackened bones.
* Chimes' animated marble statue blocked the demons in, but not the ghosts.
* The combined power of the ghosts caused Hiko and Chimes to age.
* A nalfeshnee was banished – but the caster had to focus to maintain the banishing.
* Another nalfeshnee attacked Hiko and Chimes, savaging Chimes' hand and arm badly.
* The bebilith destroyed the animated marble statue, and then began to tear into Roland.
* The remaining nalfeshnee was banished – and then the bebilith, too.
* The troupe let the fire elemental continue to destroy the zombies while they took a short rest.
* The door that had held the demons had had a sigil upon it to contain them.
* The sigil had been emplaced by a warforged that still, barely, functioned.
* In trying to revive the warforged, it's spark crystal died – and so, too, did it.
* The warforged had mentioned something about a 'soul download', and part of its skull was missing.
* The troupe teleported back to the Black Feather Fort, and visited the Mountain's Bass temple of Habrem.
* Hiko was restored his years, and Chimes found out that the harp of valor was in Kashin.
* Roland repaired his armor, and the troupe prepared for a return to the ruins of Lok Durass.
* The troupe explored the ruins and found the forges – fouled and twisted by demonic fire.
* A greater demon, a bebelith, another nalfeshnee, and more manes awaited them.
* They took time to make a plan, and went through with an ambush on a room full of demons.
* The team banished the demons, only Hiko was also banished because of the greater demon.
* If Hiko let go of his own banishment, one of the demons would return, too.
* The corrupted holy forge would resummon the greater demon if they did not cleanse it, and quickly.
* An ancient water system had ruptured over the thousand years, and was pouring through one part of the forges.
* Chimes used dust of dryness to get enough water to quiet the demonic fires for a moment.
* Missus Melbourne, a familiar smarter than most mages, sacrificed an ioun stone into the quiet forge.
* Corrine and Chimes and Roland took care of the manes, cleansing the room until Hiko returned.

Within the forge room were 115 ingots of dwarven steel (50gp each), 22 ingots of gold (1000gp each), 33 ingots of mithril (1200gp each), and 18 ingots of adamantine (3100gp each).

Behind the Scenes

Date: APR2021

DM's Notes: Saige has mentioned that she prefers the bullet notes, instead of the story notes. From her perspective, it's a lot less reading, and the DM only puts down the important bits.

I could've stopped the session after defeating the first bebelith, but the gang was down for playing late, so we played until 2:00am. It would be our last session for several weeks, as I was given authorization to mobilize out of town while waiting on a local project.

Reference: Campaign X
Previous Episode: Xs2e36
Next Episode: Xs2e38

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