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An accolyte is a faithful member of a particular deity or pantheon of deities who begins the sometimes arduous training of the priesthood. Each church has its own standards on attaining priesthood, and the standards vary from virtually nonexistant to extremely time-consuming. Upon completion of the time allotted for an accolyte, and if that accolyte's faith is firm and secure, then they may be promoted to deacon – a priest imbued with the powers of one or more deities.

The Church of Brigain, for instance, requires that all accolytes journey to their central tower at an undisclosed location. They must then climb the many steps of the tower naked, and upon entering the top-most room of the tower, the accolytes are blasted with lightning. Those that survive and are loyal to Brigain, are awarded powers beyond those of most mortals.

The Church of Barith requires only that accolytes spend one year growing plants, and those deemed worthy by the angels of the Harvest God are allowed to grow abilities few others ever see.

The Church of Yatindar, on the other hand, requires four years of rigorous study in law, culture, self-defense, and religion. After four years of study, accolytes are allowed to attend a two days long ceremony in which they do not eat or sleep, attending vigil over a sacred relic of the church and being randomly quizzed by the priests of the God of Justice. Successful accolytes are awarded special dispensation direct from the Relic of Yatindar.

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