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A deacon is a priest of one or more gods who is given special powers or abilities beyond those of the mortal realm. Most deacons receive their powers from the angels of their particular deities, although there have been instances in which powers were granted from outsiders or enemies of their own faith without the deacon knowing it.

The powers of a deacon are faith-based, and can include healing the sick, giving courage, restoring strength, and invoking the wrath of their god(s). Deacons tend to serve as under-priests to a temple, although they often wander the land, bringing the faith to others rather than asking the faithful to come to them.

A deacon differs from a prior by a fine distinction: deacons have only recently been awarded their powers, while priors are considered veterans in exercising their powers. Many priests spend as little time as possible as 'deacons', often overstepping their authority and calling themselves 'prior' – only to lose their powers due to the sin of pride. Most deacons wait until another of their faith, usually of higher rank, confirms them as a prior.

Deacons have the right to establish temples in the names of their deities, whereupon they may become a vicar.

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