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Disciples are considered the Masters of the Faith. When a member of the church achieves great power, either within the organization of the churches as a priest, or as a stalwart defender of the faith in foreign lands, he becomes elligible for Discipleship. Only that member's patron god can award Discipleship, but most churches have formal ceremonies of recognition to announce to all the world that another of their own has achieved something wondrous.

Among the various churches of Gaeleth, Disciples rank above such titles as Bishops or Cardinals, and represent their gods directly. Although granted great power and responsibilities by their patron deities, they rarely receive more guidance than any of the other faithful. As Masters of the Faith, they are free to interpret the events and writings of the faith and the faithful, and determine the direction the church needs to move in. Technically subserviant to the will of the Chosen, most Disciples follow their own agendas, biding their time until they become the next Chosen.

It is important to note that Disciples are dedicated to their paths, and once they leave the path of the Disciple, they can never return to it.

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