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Exemplar Prayers

These are divine spells available only to priests and paladins of a particular deity.

Arpelos' Light: Cantrip, Bonus Action, Range 20ft, Verbal / Material Components, Duration 1h, Evocation School. The priest's or paladin's holy symbol radiates bright white sunlight in a 20ft radius and dimmer yellow sunlight for another 20ft. Undead creatures touched by the light take 1d6 points of damage each round.

Brigain's Wrath: Cantrip, Action, 60ft, M/S, Instantaneous, Conjuration School. A bolt of 1d6 lightning damage some five feet wide strikes a chosen target within range. The target must make a Dexterity saving throw to take half damage. Gain an additional lightning bolt each level and each bolt can strike a new target within range.

Brigain's Foresight: They can cast augury as a bonus action, once per day.

Whalin's Touch: Cantrip, Action, Touch, S/M, Instantaneous, Evocation School. Whalin's healers can, with a touch of their hands and a bit of focus, restore 1d4 hit points to a willing target. This ability has no effect if the target has more than half their hit points.

Xoriah's Heat: Cantrip, Bonus Action, Touch, S/M, Instantaneous, Evocation School. Deal 1 point of fire damage. Flammable objects ignite if they are not being worn or carried.

Xoriah's Blessing: So long as they remain loyal to the Fire Goddess, they have resistance to fire damage.

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