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Nitish, God of Fortune

“Wait, true Beauty comes when you least expect it.”

Symbol: “snake eyes” on dice

Alignment: True Neutral

Portfolio: Gambling/games, Dancing, fortune telling

Worshippers: Desolate, gypsies, fortune tellers, gamblers, Changelings

Cleric Alignments: CE, TN, CG

Domains: Luck, Secrets, Butterfly effect, chaos

Favored Weapon: throwing stars / boomerang

Animal Totems: rabbits, lady bugs, butterflies, black cats


The followers of Nitish believe that every action you make determines your fortune. Like every time you roll the dice determines the out come of the game. You fortune is determined by your will. Your will the possibility of change you can obtain. Fate is a guide on a journey that is yours to take. They thank Nitish for giving them their guide because without guidance one would be eternally lost. She gives them will to make their wishes true. Her help is a gift not a given. Her challenges make you stronger for without unlucky days their would be no joy in a lucky one.

Physical Description

A women of many faces not many are sure what she actually looks like only that even though it can switch she prefers to be seen as female. Some originally used descriptions when she was more public was a women with silvery skin that seemed to reflect the rainbow always seen with a headdress of some sort covering majority of her face. She lives in the land with the people in many different forms though those who have seen her said she had the most entrancing eyes they've ever seen as if they were looking into the entire universe all at once.


Nitish though her methods different is the faithful younger sister of Brigain. She loved him dearly but could not handle his take charge methods and she hated to be out in the limelight. She decided to live in the lands with the people spreading her, genetic gift to create the changeling race. From her ability to change gender she could both carry children and supply others with them. It is said she shares her true location with no one but Brigain. Not much is known of her history because many are not sure what to believe is her.




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