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Sir Tyrne le Bouef

Tyrne of Bouef, Buldorn, was a Defender Paladin of Whalin and founder of River Crown, Rakore. Knighted during the War of the Four Winds for his bravery in the face of overwhelming odds and a lifetime of leadership skills, Sir Tyrne was made lord of a large section of lands near the headwaters of the Western Cold River.

Sir Tyrne tithed to Baron Ilvred Kost, Lord of the Shadow Plains.

Tyrne was born in the shabby seaside village of Boeuf in the nation of Buldorn. A scrappy survivor, Tyrne managed to apprentice himself to a travelling priest of Whalin. The priest managed to tame the wild street urchin, and sparked his innate gifts for compassion and love. In time, the fierce abilities of Tyrne earned him a place as a warrior for the church, and even the holbrace of the paladin. Tyrne served the church for a number of years in the outpost city of Giranhad as a personal bodyguard to the church's emissary in preparation of the Fourth Crusades. The paladin was then elevated to a special position within the church, just before the outbreak of the War of the Undead and the evacuation of Giranhad.

Tyrne served valiantly on the edges of Kur Maeth, containing the outskirter threats against undead, pirates, bandits, orcs, and a great many other evils. Supported by a faithful retainer known as Caerne of Giranhad, Tyrne managed to find the fabled Orb of Wernom that had been lost centuries before. For that act, Whalin promoted Tyrne to Defender Paladin.

When the crusades resumed against the nation of Rakore and its magicians, Tyrne helped lead in the assault – not out of anger or zealotry, but because he wanted to ensure the fair treatment of prisoners, be they mage or not. ArchPrelate Talon Bhramord helped convince Tyrne and many like him to defect away from the Inquisition and join Rakore. Rakore's embracing of the mages, and the other inquisitors blind hatred of the mages, helped convince Tyrne that the ArchPrelate was right. With their help, the invasion ended and an official truce developed between Kur Maeth and Rakore.

Tyrne and many other faithful followers of the ArchPrelate found themselves with landed titles in the aftermath of the war, and so Tyrne founded the town of River Crown to watch over his people and enjoy his retirement in early 1330, turning from warrior to merchant lord.

Sir Tyrne was killed defending River Crown in late 1331, against a rise in the undead.

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