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Gaeleth is the innermost moon of the gas giant Maroth, in the Ekiras System. Gaeleth is a class M world, somewhat larger in diameter than Earth and less dense, with roughly the same mass. The atmosphere is 75% nitrogen, 23% oxygen, and 2% trace gases, with an average annual temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. A single massive ocean dominates one hemisphere of Gaeleth, and water takes up some three quarters of the planet's surface. There are several mountains with peaks well above ten kilometers.

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System information above shows Gaeleth as the innermost moon. Data below shows Gaeleth from several angles, many of them using reference names specific to that world, such as the nation of Rakore and the continent of Grucheth. The coordinate system assumes for 0,0,0 X to be longitudes from a prime meridian, Y to be a distance reference (set at 0 for visual observations), and Z to be equatorial from +90 to -90 at each pole.

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