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Antolin Vrijel's Spellbook

Antolin Vrijel, a conjurer, was one of the more powerful summoners during the Storm Wars. A master of biology, summoning, magic, metallurgy, and enchantment, Vrijel conducted impressive studies in the arts. He acted as sage and researcher for the Karatikans during the wars, until the Inquisition destroyed him and his tower in the heart of Lamental, Vridara, with red lightning. His research laboratories, his spellbook, and many of his creations and creatures survived in suspended animation, far beneath the crumbled tower in a hidden vault. Perhaps his most famous creation was the mimic, which was put to extensive use by the other mages during the onset of the Storm Wars.

Protection: Vrijel's spellbook was protected by several spells. Whenever the book was opened, a monster would be conjured at random from anywhere in the world, usually mass-dependant. The monster would be forced to attack whomever opened the book, unless he knew the command word, which was never written or coded into the book. Attempts to discern the command word merely resulted in more monster conjurations.

Notes: (Written in Olde Vridaran.) Vrijel details the research of constructing his prize creature, the magical 'mimic'. As well, Vrijel conducted a considerable amount of research on smithbanes (aka 'rust monsters'), in attempts to develop superior metallurgical techniques. There are hints in the book that the conjurer had unlocked the dwarven secret of mithril.

Contents: Read magic, detect magic, cantrips, magic missile, monster summoning I, magic mouth, monster summoning II, charm monster, monster summoning III, transmute rock to mud, monster summoning IV, guards and wards, contingency, conjure animals, monster summoning V, spell turning, power word - stun, monster summoning VI, permanency, sink, rusting grasp, greater sign of sealing, persistance, iron body.

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