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'Acquisition' is another term for 'theft', according to many. Whether is be legal or not, found or borrowed or purchased, the things of a society help in many ways to define that society. When swords are available on every street corner, it bespeaks of violent times. When swords are hard to come by, or even illegal, then it bespeaks of only brigands having them. But there's more to it, than a sword: who makes the sword, sells the sword, purchases the sword, sharpens the sword, repairs the sword, ships the sword, buys them in bulk, outlaws them, and more…? All these questions are answered, by the Mercantile studies.

The most pressing question for most merchants involves currencies; bartering is useful handy, but currency makes transitions so much easier – especially when it's globally standardized across the world.

One of the more powerful mercantiles in the western world is Gideon Enterprises, based out of Rakore. GE, as it is more commonly known, is oft-recognized by its brown-and-black dog mascot. Gideon was a doberman-ish kind of mutt, and his offspring now lay beside the throne of the king of Rakore.

For more items and goods, redirect to Mercantile.

One of the premier mercenary outfits in Rakore is Mercenaries, Limited. They are based out of the city of Kashin, and competes directly with another mercenary outfit in Kashin known as the Youngbloods.

The premier courier company in Rakore is Maleah's Mercantile, who specialize in small luxury goods, as well as letters and messages.

An exploratory company in Rakore is Meridian Explorations, specializing in research and delving into ancient ruins.

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