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“*Chicken Noise*”

Character concept by Sualy Jones, all rights reserved.

Current Status: Adventuring with Eingrim the Gold, Roland the Paladin, Hiko and Toox on the outskirts of Rilan.


Kenku, Black feathers, 4'6, 70ish lbs, 15yr.


Wanting more out of life, Chimes the Kenku left her flock at the age 6 to purse her dream of becoming a famous musician. Once she left “Kenku Island” she began her journey as a performer. However, after making a song for a well known Noble she soon realized the life changing mistake she made… The song was well received by the locals mainly because it made fun of the noble, which angered him so much he captured her and sold her to slavers. She was kept as a exotic slave for about a year when a Elven Wizard, named Hiko, rescued her from her imprisonment. Now she lives her life as a performer, still hoping to become the most famous performer on Rekore.
Even though shes's unable to sing songs with her own unique voice, she's able to captivate audiences with her beautiful mimicry and instrumentals. Always one for putting on a show, she often dresses up in her crimson red cloak, adorned with lavish stones jewels to leave the audience in awe of her unique beauty and charm. After forming a troop of traveling entertainers with the Elven Wizard Hiko, and later the Changeling Monk Toox, Chimes' Popularity began to soar to new heights, it's only a matter of time until her dream becomes a reality. Chimes has kept “Kenku Island” a close held secret, in fear of what will happen if she tells anyone. The only person shes opened up to about her past is Hiko, and she would like to keep it that way.

Allies & Organizations

Hko - Best friend
Toox - “What a sweetie”
Roland - “Good Lad”
Eingram - “Wimpy Nurse”
Mica (Apothecary Dwarf) - Super cool old man
Sir Sadic (Golem Man, Nobel) - Meh hes cool I guess
Viristis (Dragon Ambassador) - Super cool, very chill
Cello Boy (Nemesis) - I will destroy him with good music


Loc Gerin + -
Terrace, The Hospice +


Personality Trait - I get a bitter if I'm not the center of attention.
Ideals - The world is in need of new ideas and bold action!
Bonds - I want to be famous, whatever it takes!
Flaws - I once satirized a noble who still wants my head. It was a mistake that I am likely to repeat.
Hobbies - Painting, Singing, & Forgery
Likes - Shinny Things & Performing
Dislikes - Berets

For more information, see campaign_x

5E Stats

Bard, Level 7
STR 10, DEX 18, CON 12, INT 14, WIS 14, CHA 18
Trained Skills - Forgery, Mimicry, Stringed Instruments
Feat - Diplomat & Arcane Mimicry


Kits & Packs
Disguise Kit, Painters Kit, Entertainers kit
Important Loot
Writ of Passage, Writ of Council, Phenoix Runestone, Onyx Dog, Enchanted Fochlucan Bador, +2 Lyre, Sending Stone (Hiko has the other one), +1 Shortbow (+1 to hit +1 Damage), Bracers of Archery (+2 Damage), Runestone Bowstring (+1 to Hit), Leaf Blade ( 1d6+4 Healing, 20ft Light, 40ft Dim Light Radius), Whip of Proximity, 7x Psychic Damage stones
Regular Loot
Rapier, 3x Whistling Daggers, Lute, 4 Man Tent, 5x Emerald Chips, Heart Garnet, Pale green zircons (50gp),Malachite bundles (10gp), Jets (50gp), Yellow opals (100gp), Amethyst crystals (10gp), Alexandrites (250gp), Golden bracelet (100gp)

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