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Himamato Aliunii

Character concept by Jared Ho, all rights reserved.

Date of Birth: Unknown, though believed to be somewhere around 1307 Avard.

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Ali and her sister work as herbalists and procurers or rare plants and animals in Teras, Rakore, when not performing covert operations for their employer.


Though she may disguise herself, her form when she is traveling with her companions is usually the same. She wears a form-fitting black silksuit, bound up with black leather cord, and over that a dark balandrana. Her dark knee-boots have special pockets sewn into them that hold a number of bullets for her kinku gun. Her light brown skin contrasts well with her long, dark brown hair with blond highlights. On her back, over her balandrana, she wears a small backpack with a large scroll case attached to one side of it. Her kinku gun is often kept slung beneath her balandrana, out of sight.

Ali carries with her in her mind the designs for the Sholin kinku gun – the only aspect of her Sholin heritage she acknowledges. Her other weapon is a collapsible Naginata that she keeps beneath her backpack. Her scroll case keeps dried inks and brushes, spell scrolls, and mixing bowls for writing, as well as candles, flint, and steel. Her rations are Chillean/Sholin style, consisting of pickled vegetables, rice, and dried fish. Her dark silk suit was based off of the same design as her sister's, and with it she wears wrist sheathes for her twin climbing daggers.


She washed up on the shores of the Chamdois Empire in Chilleth, and was found by Clan Himamoto. A Sholin babe, she was raised into the clan as one of their own, and trained in the use of martial arts, attacks, and the ways of nature. From the beginning, she displayed an innate use of magic, and received additional training in the use of her special skills. In 1326 Avard, the Himamoto Clan was virtually wiped out. The clan chief's daughter escaped far to the west, and Aliunii was tasked with finding her, and safe-guarding her from the enemies of the clan.

After a long and arduous chase into the west, she discovered – too late – that Himamoto Hotaru was dead. Taking a single finger-bone as proof, Ali joined with the priest of Xoriah known as Simon Vadent and Torch, and helped the Church of Lul recover the holy weapon known as the Talon of Lul – and then she died. For her courage and devotion, the Church of Lul resurrected her and granted her a boon. She asked their god to return the clan chief's daughter, Hotaru, back to life.

In the quiet streets of Brevit, Vridara, Ali discovered a small community of Sholin that worked on the various freighters and barges of the Tim and Roger Rivers. Longing for home, she befriended an elderly priestess of Olorin that was old, even for the long-lived Sholin. The priestess' parting gift to the young woman was a necklace made from the brightly dyed shells of a special clam. The necklace has protected Ali from dangers on more than one occasion, and is believed to be rather blessed.

Hotaru and Ali remained in the Empire of Vridara for several years, before moving on to Rakore after the War of the Four Winds. Now the two operate as a team for Gideon Enterprises, often operating as assassins, spies, and infiltrators along the coast, and running an herbalist shoppe in Teras.


Himamoto Aliunii is a quiet, soft-spoken woman that is every inch the model of a Chamdois woman – polite, invisible, contrite, and ignorant. At least, to appearances, she is; in truth, she is a bit of a thief, more than willing to kill, vindictive, and very resentful of the lesser place that western societies dictate for women. Their attitude towards magic also infuriates her, though she hides her emotions well. Coming from a background where there were no nudity taboos, it is good that she travels with a conservative Chillean woman – though she tries to keep western ideals and culture in mind. (It should be noted that her amorous intents lean more towards women than men.) A quick study with fewer moral compunctions than most, she is also an honorable woman, willing to grudgingly trust those that earn it.


Because of the stigma western societies placed on black cats, in regards to witches and magic, Ali intentionally sought one out. After finding a stray female, Ali cast the spell that would bind the creature's spirit to hers. A consummate animal lover, and a fast scout, Ali chose well. Ryoki, as she was named, is a sexist, vindictive little animal with sharp claws and overweening pride. But for all her attitude, she is loving companion to Ali, providing day and night guardianship, as well as an telempathic sense of being with her superior hearing, sight, and smell.

2E Stats

4th-level Ranger, 4th-level Sholin Witch
AC 1, THAC0 17, HP22

Alignment: Neutral Good
Languages: Common, Sholin, Chillean Standard
WPs: Tai Chi martial arts style with pain touch and meditation, Sholin kinku gun, naginata.
NWPs: Swimming (secondary skill), kinku gun smithing, reading and writing Common, herbalism, air-based riding.
BPs: Animal lore, tracking, ambidexterity.
Powers: +3 AC bonus (Tai Chi martial arts), 1pt dmg.
Thieving Skills: HS25%, MS33%.
Str 13(+1) Con 12(+1) Dex 17(+3) Int 15(+2) Wis 10(+0) Cha 13(+1)
Equipment: Daggers, pole-arm, climbing spikes, adventurer's pack, mage's pack, blessed amulet (amulet of protection +1), ring of protection +2, ring of mammal control, wand of conjuration, tiny bowl of water elemental command, broom of flight (made from staff of levitation and feathers of the pegasus Skye)/

Familiar: AL NG; AC6; MV15; hp 4; THAC0 20; #AT 3; 2 claws (1 each), 1 bite (1); S4, D16, C12, I3, W4; CW 70%, MS70%, HS50%.
NWP: Hunting and direction sense (inherent), Tai Chi vital strike capability. Unsteady (6) morale.

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