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Jandor Firelight

Character concept by Jared Ho, all rights reserved.

Master-ranked Mage of Lok Magius

“The pants are full! The pants are full!”

Date of Birth: Unknown; probably 1310 Avard or thereabouts.

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Jandor spends much of his time on Blatton Island, home of Spider Werks. His keepers and protectors are always nearby, Sarah and her lover Kozak. Jandor occasionally makes trips deeper into Rakore to visit his old friend, the Baron Sadic Brevit.


Jandor gives people an odd first impression. His brown robes with the long sleeves and pulled-over hood are matched by a rich leather backpack and matching traveling boots. He carries with him a blackwood quarterstaff topped by a carved relief of a large spider, and the shadows from his hood help hide his face. The shadows cast by his skinny frame sometimes resemble a dark spider, and the glassteel diadem he wears gives the impression of many eyes beneath his hooded face. Closer scrutiny reveals a rather handsome man of half-Vridaran, half-Sholin descent. His knife-hacked bangs fall over both his diadem, and his green eyes which are often lost in thought. Beneath his brown robes lies a rich blue and black, silk body-suit covered in pockets for spell components; covering this, he has several leather belt-pouches about his waist and over his shoulders.

Jandor usually keeps a backpack full of accessories to his crafts, ranging from glassblowing tools to pottery clamps. He always carries a range of spell components, but has given up on disguises and dowsing, rarely carrying the tools for those trades. One thing to note, is that Jandor always carries several shrapnel, smoke, or incendiary bombs on him. To facilitate lighting these, he carries dwarven-made steel and flint rings that let him spark fires and wicks rather quickly. His light crossbow has been augmented by several magical items, to increase its range, its accuracy, and even give it a light when operating in the darkness.


The son of a wealthy merchant, Jandor grew up in Brevit, the capital city of the Empire of Vridara. His father, a devout follower of Lul, pampered Jandor with all manner of instructors and mentors, reasoning that the more the lad knew about the goods that were the life-blood of the city, the better a trader he would be. Quick with numbers, probabilities, and appraisal, Jandor was able to take vast amounts of information and sift through it quickly.

Jandor's thirst for knowledge drew him into the dusty attic of his manor, in search of history and the older records of his father's company, Eagle's Wings, Limited. Hidden in the dust and footlockers, the young lad discovered his grandfather's hidden spellbooks. Tales of his grandfather varied, basically indicating that the old man had abandoned his family; Jandor discovered that he had been driven out for his sorcery by the Inquisition and priests of Brevit. Studying in secret by night, Jandor slowly began the path to magic. Fearing for his life when he realized the power he had inherited from his grandfather, he stole away in the dead of night, moving downriver to Lamental. Lured by tales of freedom for mages and the search for magical knowledge, in the far away land of Rakore, Jandor set sail for the distant lands – and freedom.

He was rescued in Vridara by the desert elf Sadic Brevit, who helped ferret him to Rakore. Once there, Jandor went on to successfully found Spider Werks – a place for mages to experiment. Isolated on an island south of Teras, Rakore, the island allowed the mage the freedom he needed to continue his experimentation. Jandor's form of magic is 'wild magic', and very unpredictable, and very dangerous.


Intensely curious, but equally cowardly, Jandor is like the frightened moth irresistibly drawn to the flames of knowledge and magic. He's fairly friendly and open, but his pragmatic attitude towards trouble lets him run away from danger without a second thought. If cornered, he has a habit of locking up and reacting on sheer instinct, rather than logic. The epitome of the 'book worm', Jandor requires constant, round-the-watch protection, lest he draw himself into trouble.


Two separate wild surges summoned this Banoc jungle spider to Jandor's aid. Vowing not to let the potential familiar get away, he nearly sacrificed his own life trying to win over this large spider. Through their magical bond, Jandor has an empathic link, feeling emotion from, and feeding emotion to, the two-foot wide, eight pound hairy spider. Cooly practical, the spider duplicated the web armor that Jandor wore when they first met, making a set of web armor for itself. After Jandor's drawing of the sun card from a deck of many things, the spider underwent a metamorphosis and a molting, becoming a miniature sword spider (a 'knife spider') capable of casting detect magics once per day. Their empathic link grew stronger with the molting, extending the range to several miles.

2E Stats

7th-Level Human Wild Mage
STR 12, DEX 14, CON 16, INT 18, WIS 9, CHA 11
THACO 19, AC 0, HP 22
Alignment CG
Weapon Proficiencies: Quarterstaves, light crossbows.
Nonweapon Proficienies: Appraising (secondary skill), alchemy, reading/writing: Common, glassblowing, pottery, herbalism, animal training, disguise, dowsing, engineering.
Special Attacks: Armed with the spider's staff, he can grasp the staff in both hands, and strike it to the earth at his feet; the staff casts web within a thirty foot radius, and Jandor is unaffected so long as the staff is in hand.
Special Defenses: The spider's diadem grants him partial 360 degree vision, and giving him a +2 bonus to his surprise rolls. In addition, the diadem grants nightvision to ninety feet. Being a wild mage, he has a 50% probability of controlling wholly random magical items, such as a deck of many things, for example. Also, he can detect innate wild magic areas, items, or similar effects by proximity (usually within 20').
Spells: Being a wild mage, he's extremely fond of Nahal's reckless dweomer (NRD's), though he often casts spook, magic missile, lightning bug, flamespin, and Hornung's baneful deflector.
Familiar: AL NG; AC 5; MV6, 15Wb; hp16; THAC0 19; #AT 1 or 2; 1pt Dmg + Type O Poi (save vs poi@-1, 2rnds onset, paralyzed 2d12 hours), or knife-edged legs twice per round, 1d4 points per two sets (4 legs) – or one attack for 2d4 points; S16, D14, C18, I5, W7; CW125%, MS80%, HS70%. NWP: Hunting and direction sense (inherent), rope use, pottery, tailoring. Dominates all non-intelligent spiders within twenty feet. Vertical 8' leap, 16' horizontal. Morale 13.

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