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“Fuck It”

Character concept by Michael Puebla, all rights reserved.

Current Status: Adventuring in the Rakanus Forest in the Winter of 1333 Avard.


5'4, 150 lbs


When I was younger and the War of the Undead was still ongoing majority of my family went to go fight in the wars. Due to this I lost my two older brothers, Hayes and Kory, along with my Father, Jaxon. With my mother not having the resources to properly take care of me at the time, she relinquished me to the place she saw as the safest. A smaller, more humble church that worshipped the Goddess Xoriah. They took me in as one of their own, understanding my mothers situation and promising to raise me best they could. When I turned 16 they tried to teach me the ways of the cleric, who traditionally used mace's and more bludgeoning weapons. I found those rather boring due to their less precise nature. I wanted to use a sword, so they trained me with a sword, and eventually as a Paladin. Though that was quite the task they had at hand, for there hadn't been a Paladin of Xoriah in roughly 5000 years, but they managed. They taught me tactics on how to approach combat with a single individual, with several, and with a team. And after about 2 years I had already bested the best cleric in 1 on 1 combat. So they sent me out, to spread the word of Xoriahs renewel, and do any fine deeds that I could find. But in order to facilitate my travels they first had to offer me some sort of tranportation, they eventually decided on a steed. This was going to be no ordinary steed, but rather a horse worthy of caring one of Xoriahs very own. This would be a horse with the blessing of Xoriah bestowed upon it, making it resistant to any kind of fire damage, and even giving it the ability to use fire at will. This new beast became my loyal friend, Ember. With his destructive nature, and my deadly precision, we were a force to be reckoned with. I went on mission after mission, and defeated countless numbers of Undead and the like before I stumbled upon a place known as Rilan. Much of it I don't remember, but I do know that I am now firmly acquainted with a group know as the Black Feather Troupe, along with a curious mage that goes by the name of Inegrim the Gold. I believe this is where my story truly begins.


Personality Trait - I try to be reasonable with others, but if they refuse to reason then I will happily use my blade.
Ideals - If I see you as inherently evil, I will give no mercy.
Bonds - The Church of Xoriah supports me in all my escapades.
Flaws - I am quite persistent when It comes to ridding the world of deadly evils, and will voluntarily put my life on the line to do what needs to be done.

For more information, see campaign_x

5E Stats

Class, Paladin Level 6
STR 18, DEX 10, CON 12, INT 10, WIS 14, CHA 16
Trained Skills: Athletics, Religion, Insight, Medicine.
Feat: Alert

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