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Character concept by Daniel Clark, all rights reserved.

Prioress of Whalin

Date of Birth: Unknown; probably 1313 Avard, or thereabouts.

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Sarah spends her time on Blatton Island's Spider Werks facility, keeping the mages there healthy, healing wounds, and being available for the inevitable explosion. She stays close to Spider Werks' master, Jandor Firelight. Rarely far from her, is her common-law husband Kozak.


Sarah is a tiny woman – barely five feet tall, and weighing little more than a hundred pounds soaking wet. She has a lithe and muscular body, with muscular thighs and a trim physique. Her straight, light brown hair is swept back in pony tail that extends to the small of her back. Her bright green eyes reflect the vitality of youth, faith, and Whalin's influence. Often dressed in a simple, white cotton robe with a hood, she wears sandals that lace to the calf, a utilitarian belt, along with a simple but sturdy backpack. When the situation dictates, she wears thick, boiled leather bracers and shin guards over her robes.

Always about her neck is the holy symbol of Whalin on a silver disk. In her backpack, she carries more formal green-and-white robes, as well as her holy book, a hand-written copy from her adopted father Winter.


Sarah was raised in the sewers of Kur Maeth by an escaped dwarven slave, during that city's darker days as a distant port for the Alekdan Principalities. She knew the young dwarf only as 'Onyx', but from him she learned to speak, to walk, and to survive in a city where death and darkness reigned.

When she was four or five years old, Kur Maeth's sewers were tainted with fermenting blood, as Nabrolian troops invaded the city. For close to a year, she and Onyx slowly starved as hill giants walked the city above, and the undead began to walk the city below. When the crusaders invaded Kur Maeth, the two stole into the confusion in the hopes of finding food. A battle raged in the streets, between the archprelate Dolf Antolin, and the archons Dalekth and Murol of Nabrol. Sensing his only opportunity, Onyx left the child with the paladin healers before heading off over the mountains to the west.

For the next eight years, Sarah trained as a priest of Whalin in Kur Maeth, helping to rebuild the city in the aftermath of the invasions. In 1325 Avard, the young priestess received orders from the paladin Winter, to report to Rakore for her first mission. There, the priests and paladins investigating magic in Rakore decided interests would best be served if she was assigned to the wild mage Jandor Firelight.


Though her first five years of life were hard and cruel, she saw little more than the sewers of Kur Maeth. Her next eight years of life were spent primarily within the confines of the church to Whalin in Kur Maeth. A strange combination of innocence and wisdom resides inside her along with naivety and street wisdom. For the most part, Sarah has embraced the cool compassion of the God of Healing, taking the vows not to kill or harm for any reason. She acts calm under pressure because of her youthful tempering, but can fall apart in social situations outside of her ordered church ideals. Devout of faith and fearful of undead, her courage and compassion are her only armor in a hard-hitting world. Whenever nervous or anxious, Sarah has a habit of twirling, knotting, and unknotting a thin length of rope that she keeps up her sleeve.

Sarah speaks Common, Elven, and Dwarven.

4E Stats

4th-Level Slate Specialty Priest of Whalin
STR 8, DEX 12, CON 16, INT 14, WIS 15, CHA 13
AC 5, THAC0 17, HP 31
Weapon Proficiencies: Hummingbird style, 3rd-level Fugohan style, Kame style, Sepulkon in Hummingbird style.
Nonweapon Proficienies: Rope use (secondary skill), herbalism, read/write: Common and elven, healing, deitific spellcraft.
Special Attack: By casting cause light wounds or even more powerful spells, Sarah can hold the spell until she attacks with her Hummingbird strikes. The moment her first strike hits, it can deal considerable damage – her hand strike, plus the damage from causing light wounds.
Special Defenses: Her instructors in Fugohan style noticed her nervous habit of knotting and unknotting ropes, and began to incorporate it into her teachings. To deflect enemy attacks, she often drops the rope from her sleeve, and uses it in combination with her 3rd-level teachings – granting her a +3 bonus to her Armor Class.
Spells: Typically, Sarah uses the following spells: cure light wounds, bless, sanctuary.

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