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“So am I jumping up there or not”

Character concept by Saige Linscomb, all rights reserved.

Current Status: Adventuring in the Rakanus Forest in the Winter of 1333 Avard.


Tho mostly changing her main form is a white pale person.She has short white hair and gentle features with large black eyes. She stands at about 5'7. She has a small waist with longer legs and a smaller torso.


Toox was born in a changeling tribe in 1309. When she was four her village was found. All of the familiar faces screaming around her. Her parents decided to split up to try and keep her and her twin sister Minx safe. The only thing Toox was able to bring was a elk stuffed animal from her bed. Her mom running as fast as she could found a log and had Toox camouflage herself inside it. Trying not to breathe she watched her mom try to run,but fail to escape,screaming before she fell to the ground. Toox laid there till it was safe then ran to where her mom had fell and drops to the ground crying clutching the only thing she had left of her home. Her Mom's body was gone but Toox found her necklace broken lying on the ground and placed it in her pocket. Unable to move she lay there till she fell asleep. The next day she was awoken to a drow monk who seemed to be drawing her. Startled she stumbled back asking his name. He smiled and said his name was “Sszauzein Dark Reader” while handing her an apple. Cautiously she took it beginning to weakly smile back and said “So Sszauzie what are you doing here”. He brought her home to the monastery that night and told his fellow monks he planned to raise her as his own. At first they were hesitant but then they saw her this small strange girl clutching her doll like it's the only thing keeping her from dying. She sat there looking up at them wrapped in bandages Sszauzein put on her and using his coat as a blanket.They couldn't help but feel sympathy for her. From then on they were her family. Toox had trouble handling her emotions. For changelings that is a troubling trait. Martial not only taught her discipline but it gave her enough control to handle her gift. When she was seven years old the war of the undead officially began tho the monks had been dealing with it for much longer. For years she was in fear. She had to fight or die. When she was eleven the war finally ended. Her training had not only given her control but helped her survive. From twelve to nineteen she felt like life wasn't coming after her for once. She got to run with her siblings, she learnt the flute, and her dad begun to bring her hunting with him teaching her too cook what they had got. The monks loved Toox but she was loud and playful. She always felt accepted by the monks but never understood. She began to do acrobatic tricks and learned she loves to preform. She began to dance and use her balance for things like trapeze. She would perform for her family, people in taverns, and the few friends outside of the monastery she had. Sszauzie introduce her to his family that worked at the Blue Tiven. When Racore was founded when Toox was sixteen she began to feel slightly safer. At least hunting her was no longer legal.The peace came to a painful stop when she was twenty, that was the year the ogres invaded. It was the monks job to help people evacuate up the mountain. Even Toox was part of this process. One day her dad left to help a group up the mountain. He died to help those people. Toox was devastated. She tried not to let the other monks see. Soon after the invasion some of her own kind tormented the town. Now it became more necessary for her to stay hidden. Her dads family invited her to preform at the Blue Tiven. They wanted something to cheer them up. When she was performing a raven like girl and and high elf were checking in. They asked them to preform. They took an interest in Toox. Later they asked took to join them on the road. She was sad to leave the monks but she needed a break from all of the reminders of her dad. When she told her brothers they asked her to stay in town one more week. She obliged on her last day a couple of her brothers gave her a small elk barely big enough to ride exclaiming “you always were so obsessed with that doll”. She named him Balteest. And too her he was home away from home. She became an act in the black feather troupe and helped Hiko and Chimes when people tried to get in physical altercations with them. They became like family to Toox and she would do anything for them.


Personality Trait - I change my mood as quickly as a key in song.
Ideals - I like seeing the smile on peoples faces when I preform.
Bonds - I would do anything for the other members of my troupe.
Flaws - I'm a sucker for a pretty faces.

For more information, see campaign_x

5E Stats

Class, Monk Level 5
STR 14, DEX 18, CON 16, INT 11, WIS 18, CHA 16
Trained Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Insight, Intimidation, Performance, Religion
Feat: Resilient, Free Runner
Changeling race

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