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Character concept by Ben Jacobs, all rights reserved.

Count of Chasadan, Rakore
Prelate of Yatindar

Date of Birth: Spring, 1293 Avard.

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Torak earned his fourth holbraces as a paladin of Yatindar in service to ArchPrelate Talon Bhramord. When Talon led the defection of Kur Maen troops during the War of the Four Winds and still retained his holbraces, Torak cut a swath of protection around the ArchPrelate. For his loyalty and devotion to duty, Torak was awarded the title of Count, and was given the city of Chasadan to govern.


Torak is a bear of a man standing head and shoulders above the rest. His blonde hair is kept short and well-trimmed, and his face is kept smooth with daily shaves. Torak's blue-trimmed, white leathers emphasize the cobalt blue color of his eyes, and display the colors of Yatindar to the trained eye. Across his back are slung in baldrics the twin longswords of a paladin of the God of Justice. Always nearby are the various men and women he hires to carry his equipment for him, and act as squires. Torak's engaging smile for a man of middle age, coupled with his calm and collected smile, make him a dangerous foe to evil. Though not heavily built, he has a wiry strength about him seems to make men second-guess him, and ponder just what kind of man they face.


Torak acted as a lawyer for the courts of Yatindar in Giranhad for a number of years prior to the Fourth Crusades. Acting on a dream given to him by one of the archons of the God of Justice, Torak joined the crusaders and underwent the training necessary to become a paladin. Though over thirty when he began his more militant career, his confidence as a lawyer lent him strength, and made him an able administrator. The paladin went on to follow the crusaders west to Kur Maeth, before moving on into Rakore to aid in the War of the Undead. In the Ovor Hills of western Vridara, Torak was separated from the Rakoran members of Firestorm during a brief battle. Unable to find the holy key to the Karasenth bracers on his own, or to find the rest of the members of Firestorm, he began a long and arduous quest to return to Kur Maeth. His adventures brought him clear across the continent of Halganath, from the forests of Vridara, to the Laekenala Jungles. Once returned, he rejoined the War of the Undead, acting as a front-line fighter against the hordes of undead minions that rose from the lands around Kur Maeth. After the war was over, he returned to Kur Maeth, where he acts as an advisor to Archprelate Talon Bhramord, and as a diplomat for the city-state of Kur Maeth.


Talon is the soul of a paladin, fighting evil wherever it lies, and employing the poor and the destitute whenever possible. His ability to detect evil coupled with years of lawyering, let him find the men with the greatest potential, wherever his assignments take him. Trusting in Yatindar to provide for his holy paladin, and his retinue, he simply cannot question his faith, and probably never will. A smooth talker, he has taken an interest in metals – studying long and late into the night about armor and weapons. Well-versed in the arts of both, he can recognize the distinctive marks of all the best armorers and weaponsmiths of antiquity, and spends hours in the smithy as a hobby to take his mind off of the grimmer details of work.

2E Stats

6th-Level Slate Paladin
STR: 14, DEX: 11, CON: 10, INT: 10, WIS: 14, CHA: 17
AC: 5 (1 w/ armor), THAC0: 15, HP: 47
Weapon Proficiencies: Expertise with longswords, ambidexterity, two-weapon style, Sepulkon style in longswords.
Nonweapon Proficienies: Law (secondary skill), endurance, armorer, weaponsmithing.

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