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Black Feather Fort

The Black Feather Fort is a Daern's Instant Fortress currently located several miles south of Rilan. The fort is owned and controlled by Eingrim the Gold, an aetherist of Lok Magius knighted by the Lord of Rilan. The fort is named for the Black Feather Troupe, a traveling act that typically opens with the acrobat Toox, features an illusionist called Hiko, and the bard for which the troupe is named, Chimes. A recent addition to the troupe includes the paladin Roland.

The fortress was originally built as a small holding for giants, with thirty foot ceilings, twenty foot doors, and other hill-giant-sized amenities. There were small rooms available for eight giants, and room on the top (third) floor for a larger suite. The slave pens on both the ground and 2nd floors could have easily accommodated some thirty-two humanoids for sleeping on the floors. There was also a giant-sized forge and materials that had fallen into disrepair, located above the stables.

In historical literature, it was the center of the ruins of Drbth, a enclave of giants in the forests to the west of Rilan. The enchanted fort had accumulated enough energy by the fall of 1333 to be shrunk, moved, and reenlarged one more time.

Over the winter of 1333 to 1334, the fort was remodeled to more human sizes, with additional floors built in. The slave pens on the bottom floor were converted to stalls for mounts, and the slave pens on the second floor were converted to a storeroom and treasury. On each floor, three of the four giants' cells were converted to two-story rooms, while the fourth (the one farthest down the hallway) was converted to three-story rooms.

The cook of the Black Feather Fort is a halfling lass by the name of Chorum. She is aided in her duties by Aradis, a kobold that serves as the maid and the Keeper of the Keys. The two, together, are a half-sized pair of laughter and fun – but can be deadly with their arsenal of knives and intimate knowledge of the fort.

The stablemaster is a woman named Erthik, who works closely with the dwarf Jasper to care for the mounts, including Jasper's bear Alabaster. She is married to the Man-at-Arms named Dodd, and together they have a ten year old daughter.

There are two guards under the Man-at-Arms that go by the human-sounding names of Netheridge and Barivar. Netheridge is a half orc woman, and Barivar is a full orc male, and the two have a love-hate relationship with one another – because they're siblings that share the same father. They both prefer melee combat with shortswords, but have light crossbows – while their leader, Dodd, prefers the longbow.

There is also a tiefling woman that is the fort's druid and gardener, but her real name is something of a mystery; the other occupants of the fort simply call her 'The Gardener', and she answers to it with pride.

The artificer and alchemist Minetta spends almost as much at the fort as she does at home, having a cot of her own for the late nights she spends tutoring Eingrim in her arts.

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