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The Iron Bear

Size: Colossal (L100ft, W40ft, D12ft).
Propulsion: 725 square yards of cloth, arcane energies.
Speed: 17 knots, 210 miles.
Crew: 150
Cargo: 305 tonnes
Hull: 10” of solid oak at the water line.
Deck: 6” of solid oak.
Mast: 130 feet from the water line.
Castles: Forward and aft, 10” solid oak.
Weapons: Two light catapults on each castle and two more on the main deck; five heavy ballistae below-decks (including one to the rear) and six light ballistae on the gun deck; all heavy ballistae fire lightning bolts
Ship Qualities: Oceanic, Frigate, Maged.
Flag: Rakore's Hallis Island
Cost and Construction Time: 128,250gp, and 1yr, 1wk.

The Iron Bear was named for Duke Henrik Kamus of Hallis Island. The duke could change into a towering grizzling bear with gray-brown fur the color of hematite in the sun. The heavy galleon was the first made in the shipyards of Gridolin, commissioned on the 1st of Vor, 1328 Avard. The commissioning was unique, in that Duke Henrik – also a mage of considerable abilities – provisioned the galleon with a number of magics.

The ship's captain is a massive Sholin named Shiarre. The big man is an able brawler, tending to throw people more often than weapons, and clearing decks with his massive fists as easily as the ocean itself. Shiarre is also an able diplomat, one of those rare thugs with a brain. And he is also a cleric of Olorin, gifted by the Goddess of the Seas with her powers.

The Iron Bear carries a contingent of 50 dedicated marines, in addition to her crew of 150.

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