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Before the Sister Worlds War, Brijanis' ships, called spell-jammers, crossed the vast seas between the stars building a small empire of trade and subjugation. Ruled by powerful Immortals – demigods in their own right – the small world of Brijanis was a united and powerful juggernaut among the stars. Her only rivals were right under her nose: her own Sister Worlds. In a preemptive strike, Brijanis laid siege and invaded with armies of mercenaries from all over the multiverse. Demons, the Gith, squadrons of dragons, elementals, and Brijanis' own barbarian hordes and spell-jammer navies were dispatched to wipe out any possibility of economic competition once, and for all. The nearest world to Brijanis, however, had a history even longer than her Immortals. A covert mission to retrieve power artifacts left over from ancient times became a fiasco, as the Immortals' mercenaries began to hunt for the artifacts, themselves. Worse, the further sister world from Brijanis began to strike back, at first stalling, and then gaining great headway against the Immortals and their minions.

Brijanis was rebuked. Her mercenaries spiraled out of control in their lust for power, even as the Immortals fell to bickering and blaming one another for their failures. The other two sister worlds began to mount counter-attacks of their own. What had promised to become a quick and decisive victory over two worlds became a long and drawn out war. Each world tempered the other three into something harder and more defiant than before, and then came the final blows for Brijanis: the nearer world used its mastery of the arcane to teleport their entire world away from the conflict. The further world could suddenly put all of its attention against Brijanis. In the end, the Immortals hurled a huge rock at the other world, almost ending their civilization. Thinking they held victory in their grasp, the Rebellion began, inspired by distant gods outraged at what the Immortals had done.

The Rebellion claimed the lives of so many Immortals that the planet was thrown into chaos for several centuries, as the mercenaries from beyond plundered their world, adding to the misery of the world. Eventually, the Immortals took back control of their planet, outlawing dangerous ideas and concepts – like cold iron. The spell-jammers were brought back under their control in a steely grip. The barbarian hordes were carefully cultivated, and old economic ties tentatively reopened. And then one day, there came word: the nearer sister had teleported back. Spies reported that it was unprepared to defend itself, and knew nothing of its enemies or its past. And now, the Second Sister Worlds War prepares to launch.

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