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The warmer part of the month is just after the time when Maroth rises as the sun sets. This warmer time is called 'the Burne'. The colder part of the month is the time just after the darkness of Maroth's eclipsing the sun. This time is called 'the Freeze'. Just before the Freeze is when the plants store up a bit more sugars and starches than normal, and is usually a time of relative monthly harvest.

The timing of the months begins with the portion of the Freeze in which Gaeleth first sees the sun again, after the time known simply as 'the Darkness'. During the Darkness are the stars the brightest. Rather than having the sun rise in the East, Maroth rises during the Darkness, with its own faint orange luminescence. Each month ends just before the first rising of the sun after a Darkness. The 27th and the 28th of each calendar month are spend in the Darkness.

The months are named after the numbers in an older, nearly forgotten language. Their names are: Lan, Dalan, Trilan, Vor, Davor, Trivor, Cal, Dacal, Trical, Sad, Dasad, Trisad, and Gril. The time of the Lans (Lan, Dalan, and Trilan), is often referred to as Spring. The time of the Vors (Vor, Davor, and Trivor) is referred to as Summer. The Cals are Autumn, and the Sads are Winter. Gril is Gril, but is sometimes lumped in with both Winter and Spring.

Lighting study, orbital view of Gaeleth / Maroth system.

The tides of Gaeleth follow Maroth, and are not delayed by more than half a mark. Thus, high tide on the 27th and 28th would come at near noon, and near midnight. Low tide on the 27th and 28th would come at sunrise and sunset. High tide and low tide would be the same for the 13th and 14th of the month, as well. Maroth exerts a strong influence on the tides, and differences of two and three hundred yards between the high and low tide marks are not uncommon. In some places, the tide can vary by as much as two-hundred feet vertically, but is usually much more conservative. Because of these extremes in tides, sailors are far more apt to pay attention to them (and Maroth's position) when sailing. Caution when Maroth is low on the horizon would be common.

Time over much of Gaeleth is measured not in hours, but in 'marks'. Specially designed candles with marks set in them burn down; when the candle burns down to a mark, it is the 'level of the mark', known on other planes as 'the top of the hour'. Since Gaeleth moves and spins about Maroth in precision order, staying in time is relatively easy for most people. Certain deitific and magical spells can also assure an accurate time. Many of the more advanced cities have water-clocks that precisely measure the marks to the nearest grosseth (1/144th). There are twenty-four marks in a day; much of Gaeleth's primary civilization is near the middle latitudes, where there are twelve hours of light, and twelve hours of darkness.

The calendar is based in the local astronomy, and a scientific explanation is detailed in 'The Science' of Gaeleth.

All lunar-dependant translations (for example, lycanthropy), go off of the three nights of the 12th to 15th of each month – when Maroth is at its fullest, and at 100% illumination from the sun, and 100% internal illumination. (Gaeleth's shadow, and that of Brijanis, can often be seen on these three nights.)


It is onto the last day in Gril that the leap-day is added, once each twenty-five years. The leap-day is a time for large celebrations over most of Gaeleth.


/Month/ /Date/

Lan 1 A day of reverence for each of the gods. Celebrated with pomp and gaiety, and the tunes are traditionally jolly and happy.

Lan 21 Followers of Barith commemorate him, and all the plants of the world. Followers are forbidden to eat anything but plants, and drink anything not of plants.

Dalan 8 Followers of Habrem play music and perform, celebrating their crafts with great happiness and pride.

Dalan 17 Celebrates the deaths of Nathel, and the victories of the Karatikan Nations during the Storm Wars. A day of ancient costumes and dress for the North, and a day of reprehension and regret for some of the South. Celebrated by Inquisition-aligned churches, and especially by Yatindar.


Vor 1 Commemorates the creation of the Sea of Kiriath. Usually held in high esteem by followers of Olorin. Also marks the Great Migration of the Granite Clan Dwarves, and the desert Elves of the Rakis Desert.

Vor 26 Priests of Elinthar change shape into animals for the Great Hunt; no hunting occurs, save to mock hunt the priests in various forms. Also a day of contests for archery, horsemanship, trained animals, spears.

Trivor 27 Celebration by followers of Galanus, commemorating his change from the God of Death to the God of Stealth. Followers wear masks of death, and dress as ghosts.


Dacal 2 Quiet holiday celebrated by followers of Lul. No trade takes place on this day. Also a remembrance of Agincoth.

Dacal 16 Anniversary of the first smelting of steel on Gaeleth. Followers of Galgiran tend to feast and drink, and give gifts of steel to friends and loved ones.

Trical 13 Celebration of escape from the Oddity. The first sight of Maroth in 10,500 years. Time of the annual Games since the Shield went up.


Sad 6 The Creation Day. The anniversary of the coming of the newer gods to Gaeleth, and the leaving of the old gods, and their subsequent return.

Dasad 1 A quiet celebration of the 'finding' of the light, after two days 'lost', in tribute to Curiss as the God of the Lost and the God of the Dead. Candles and fires left alight all during the Freeze, and then extinguished at first light on the 1st.

Dasad 28 Nabrolian celebration of chaos and loss. Anniversary of the destruction of half the continent of Nabrol.

Deep Winter

Gril 28 Remembrance of all those who died during the Oddity's time. Candle-light vigilance for those that passed away during the War of the Undead, and the Storm Wars. Tunes typically sad and dirge-like. Worshippers of Arpelos generate as much light as possible.

Holidays, by God

Lan 1, New Year's
Lan 21, Barith's Day
Trilan 18, Mikindim's Day
Dalan 8, Habrem's Day
Dalan 17, Yatindar's Day
Vor 1, Maroth's Day
Vor 26, Elinthar's Day
Trivor 27, Galanus' Day
Dacal 2, Lul's Day
Dacal 16, Galgiran's Day
Trical 13, Games Day
Sad 4, Olorin's Day
Sad 6, Creation Day
Dasad 1, Curiss' Day
Dasad 28, Nabrol's Day
Trisad 9, Whalin's Day
Gril 28, Arpelos' Eve

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