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 ==== Heather (Nalani) ==== ==== Heather (Nalani) ====
-Galadriel and I spend some time freshening up before seeking out the temple and bookstore. We find the entrance to the Hidden Vow Monastery. It'​s ​aptly named; the entrance is covered in vines and difficult to see. 25 silver each gains us access to the public libraries. After a bit, I decided to turn over the Druidic texts that I lifted from Star's End Monastery to the monks at Hidden Vow. We stay for many hours; it's full dark by the time we leave the HIdden Vow Manastery thanks to Galadriel'​s desire to eat that finally sends us on our way.  +[[gaeleth:​stories:​Nalani'​s ​Journal]]
- +
-We return to the Inn with the intention of getting food, but are met with a messenger - a child who calls me by name and a message that a package awaits me at the Silver Gauntlet - the storefront for the Lok Magius Academy. we go, and are met with frikkin'​ Dumbledore, who gives me a package -  a rapier - Elidor'​s Blade, and a note from Elidor that is dated two months ago (20 Trilan). Galadriel takes advantage of the opportunity to purchase magical items by purchasing a small ring that will keep her warm, and both she and I purchase Heward'​s Handy Habsersacks. I take advantage of being back near Lok Magius to submits my glowing ink and the radiant damage addition to spells to the Lok Maguis Academy to be considered for Thumaturgist.  +
- +
-Halite and Este catch up to us at the Silver Gauntlet and fill us in on Este's situation. Este had gone to the Inn's common room and was promptly surrounded by the guard and escorted away. Zydeco and Isaac followed, covertly. Este was taken to the vetis (guard house/city hall-ish place). After some time, Halite and Zydeco are told that 'the Count' has been questioned and released, but that he's being kept safe in the rooms above until some further investigation can be made. They waited, and eventually saw the Captain and several sailors from the Yellow Leaf, who came over to them and reassures them that he's 'happy to help and can be called upon anytime in the future, should we need him'. Halite and Zydeco were confused until they learned that Este is the Baron of Grey Lakes, and is referred to as Lord Grey Lakes. His father is the Count of Autumn Stones, who has recently been assassinated by someone who looks exactly like Este. The Captain of the Yellow Leaf and sailors confirmed that Este had been with them for the past few days, on the river, which helped exonerate Este from suspicion of guilt. Halite, as a  Priest of Galgiran, was granted access to Este, and accompanied by Zydeco, both of whom confirm that Este has been traveling with them for many weeks now. Baron Thaddeus Complin of Rilan came into the room and says that he will create letters with his seal for Este and everyone in our party to confirm that Este has been cleared of suspicion in the Count of Autumn Stones'​ death, and they'​re released. Este and Halite head for the Silver Gauntlet, because Este wants to buy things, and Zydeco heads back to the Blue Tyven to look for Isaac. Zydeco finds Isaac blackout drunk and missing half his money.  +
- +
-We'll all have to go back to the vetis to claim our letters from the Baron of Rilan, and travel out of the city. I asked that my letter of confirmation as Thaumaturgist from Lok Maguis be sent back to the Silver Gauntlet and also to the Alsavier Duchy, Este's home. Este sells the glowstones he and I created to the Silver Gauntlet, with prospects for enterprise if they sell well. We step out of the shop and Este is confronted by a guard with a message to return to the vetis for a message from Baron Kedic Carr, Lord of Firland. The guard is interrupted by a crossbow bolt. that barely missed Este's nose. Galariel and I create a fog and the group, including the guard pull inside the Silver Gauntlet. The Guard sends for others to search the area, but the would-be assassin is long gone. We make for the vetis. By now, it's close to midnight, and Baron Thaddeus Complin is waiting with the Lord Reeve (captain of the guard), a tall desert elf who carries a long bow the size of a man's wrist. The Baron of Firland is waiting for us with  a message that our party is owed a favor for defeating Javol Bandylegs, and that Firland is willing to pay the reward. We need to get out of the city, so he is willing to arrange passage for our party out of Rilan; with the attempt on Este's life, we need to get to a location we can plan and figure out how to handle the issues with Este. The reason Este is reluctant to return home is related to his loyalty and morals; he can't go home to be confirmed as the Count of Autumn Stones because he'd have to report to the Duke with the potential to be the downfall of his family (because he wouldn'​t be able to continue hiding the traitor). Este is being hunted, so we need to deal with this problem. +
- +
-Halite and Galadriel noticed my shiny new sword; it carries a deep-smith'​s mark; made by the Deep Dwarves, who live deep in the earth and carry the knowledge of the dwarves. Halite and Galadriel will train me to use it, but in the meantime, realize that maybe a trip to see the Deep Dwarves might be a good way to slip the assassins and find out more about the rapier. I send Onwynn and Galadriel sends Poppy to find Zydeco and Isaac at the Inn. Isaac is a handful; Zydeco wrangles him to the vetis and the party is reunited. We decide to fly by roc-hawk to the mountain caldera where the Deep Dwarves are rumored to be. We end up delayed for a day to wait for Edyear'​d to return and for Lord Firland to arrange for the hawk. Meanwhile, we remain in the vetis under the Lord Reeve'​s protection. We've very comfortable;​ treated like royalty. In the meantime, we decide that, since the caldera where the Deep Dwarves are rumoured to be is some 50 miles wide and we don't have a good idea how where or how to find them, that instead we should to travel to the Rakanus Mountains, to the Mt. Lavanor, the Rakanus Stronghold (Halite'​s Clan), which will take 1 day in flight and have some hope of contacting the Deep Dwarves through them. The Rakanus Stronghold is the clerical seat for the land and holds temples or altars for all of the gods. Isaac is a bard; he could be using his talents for both his own good and the good of the party; emphasis on developing his bardic skills henceforth.  +
- +
-The roc-hawk arrives, controlled by orcs, and everyone is fascinated/​terrified. Halite and Zydeco have to be blindfolded and '​suggested'​ or '​appealed to' magically by Isaac to board. Halite is told that it's a test of faith and so starts singing (loudly) to Galgiran; Zydeco is told that is cooperation is essential to keeping everyone in our group safe from suffering as he had. Edyear'​d flies carefully behind the hawk until he can get close to Este again. He carries a message, but Este fumbles it. I send Onwynn to catch it mid-air and keep it secure until we land. We arrive safely at Mt. Lavanor and find nothing to announce that we've arrived anywhere - nothing ostentatious to proclaim the dwarven stronghold. We find dwarves working with orcs and enter doors that look like living rocks to find ourselves inside the mountain.  +
- +
-Rakore is located on Galeth, a moon-world that circles a gas giant. The next two days will be freeze days; no sunrise.+
 ==== Saige (Galadriel) ==== ==== Saige (Galadriel) ====
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