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Campaign IX, Chapter 11, Episode 14

Flight from Rilan

Location: Rilan

Date: Summer, 1333 Avard

Characters: Este, Halite, Nalani, Galadriel, Isaac, Xydeco

After getting comfortable in their room at the Blue Tyven, Nalani and Galadriel went in search of the local temple of Lul for its library, and Xydeco and Isaac went to explore the town. Halite went to the local temple of Galgiran to work on his armor and equipment (being a priest of Galgiran had its perks). Este was picked up by local law enforcement and treated well while questioned. Once Halite was brought in on the issue, he was able to verify in Galgiran's name Este's location, and exonerate him from the assassination of his father, the Count of Autumn Stones. Este, being the Baron of Gray Lakes, was treated cordially. The rest of the crew met up at Silver Gauntlet, a magic shop there in Rilan, when an assassin missed his shot. A member of the Guard quickly escorted the team – and Lord Gray Lakes – back to the city's headquarters while others were called in to assist. A message had arrived from the Baron of Firland owing a favor to anyone who assists the team (thanks to their help in obtaining a king's gem). Operating on his own responsibilities, Lord Rilan arranged for a roc hawke to take the team out of Rilan. Nalani had received a sword of some interest from Lok Magius, and she, Galadriel, and Halite wanted to investigate. The team was also concerned with getting ahead of the assassin, who looked so very similar to Este. Armed with letters of writ from Lord Rilan, one for each member of the party, they took flight to Mount Lavanor, landing there several hours before night on the first eve of the Freeze.

Behind the Scenes

Date: FRI30DEC2016

DM's Notes: I gave Heather a copy of the calendar and showed the guys a video that helps put being a moon world in perspective (, as well as helped pull in Alex and Aidan in with some Rakoran references. I'm hoping to better immerse them in the game; some of that is their drive to enjoy the game, and some of that is me translating my MS Office docs to Google Docs. One of my Christmas presents was a new DM screen in landscape format, which required some significant reworking of the reference tables – and this will be my first customized DM screen in 5th Edition.

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