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Mount Lavanor

Mount Lavanor is home to the Rakanus Clan of dwarves in Rakore, and is seat of the Mount Lavanor Duchy. It was established as a 'county' for political purposes in the reorganization of 1330 Avard, and it is run by ArchBishop of the Churches of Rakore, Bryan Stonegrudge, Cardinal of Galgiran.

The Rakanus Clan arrived at Mount Lavanor in the early 9th century, and found the ancient halls of the dwarves of Gil Hala. The halls had been abandoned for six millennia, and were in need of repairs, but the Rakanus Clan set about to making the halls their own and preparing for a prophesized war some centuries in the future.

The five sub clans of Rakanus – the Fistforger, Stonehand, Stoneknee, Wirebeard, and Rubynose clans – stay within the upper reaches of the mountain. The Rakanus dwarves tend to work with the stone, creating natural-appearing caves, working within already present chasms, and giving their homes an ancient feel. Their cunning in 'natural' stone masonry allows the clan to disappear when they choose. The ograns of the nearby Choranil and the elves and humans that occasionally fought with the Rakanus Clan often walked right past the Rakanus dwarves, feeling that the restored Gil Hala ruins were where the Rakanus must live.

During the War of the Four Winds, the people of Kashin were evacuated into the vast ruins of Gil Hala in the lower reaches of the mountain. Some of the ruins were destroyed in the fighting, but most survived.

Mount Lavanor serves as the seat of all the churches in Rakore, as well as the seat of the Church of Galgiran in Rakore. As such, it has a large temple to Galgiran that contains a tuft of the god's beard within a massive anvil. The main chasm of the upper reaches also contains a temple to each of the gods of Rakore, as well as diplomats and emissaries of the churches, monastaries for many of the gods, and other important persons and representatives.

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