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Campaign IX - Illusions of Peace

The campaign begins over a year after the War of the Four Winds. The nation of Rakore is exploring an uneasy peace, as orcs and elves, humans and dwarves, kobolds and tomanths, and more, all try to live together in peace and harmony. Chapters are posted in reverse chronological order, with the most recent at the top, and the earliest at the bottom. Additional campaigns are available in the Campaigns registry.

4E D&D and 5E D&D for the metagame and rules modifications.

Chapter 12

A myriad of small events can crescendo into greater things. The Storm God, He Who Sees, tries to prevent some small things from wiping out a nation. His agents, however, may have other plans.

Characters: Damaia, Clyde, Peri, Zarolie

IX-12-01 - Stolen Blades
IX-12-02 - The Duke's Fortress

Chapter 11

A random group of adventurers seeks treasure and glory and the rush of danger as they set out together for the first time, taking on what evils they can and searching out what treasures there are.

Characters: Gwen, Este, Halite, Tendaji, Nalani, Klaris, Galadriel, Isaac, Xydeco, Kravass, Izabella, Zarolie

IX-11-01 - Ruins & Centipedes
IX-11-02 - A Giant Spider
IX-11-03 - Last Stand of the Damned
IX-11-04 - A King's Gem, Stolen
IX-11-05 - An Orcish Brawl
IX-11-06 - An Ogre in the Rain
IX-11-07 - To Bury a Call
IX-11-08 - Witness to Trouble
IX-11-09 - Silent Prayers
IX-11-10 - Enter the Maw
IX-11-11 - Gnomish Items
IX-11-12 - Memory Loss
IX-11-13 - Hull Hostages
IX-11-14 - Flight from Rilan
IX-11-15 - Hunting Ghosts
IX-11-16 - Pawn to Knight, Part I
IX-11-17 - Pawn to Knight, Part II
IX-11-18 - The Flying Ship
IX-11-19 - Hawke Pursuit
IX-11-20 - Giant Tentacled Paralysis Maggots
IX-11-21 - Closing the Barn
IX-11-22 - Cleaning the Barn
IX-11-23 - A Nation for a Necklace
IX-11-24 - Chuul Queen
IX-11-25 - A New Day

Chapter 10

Lord Longaxe in Kashin has lost a number of foresters to a haunted valley in the woods to the east, and hires a third team to investigate – the first two teams never having returned. The third team is nearly annihilated, and a fourth team formed from its ashes.

Characters: Kethra, Enialis, Leucis, Tullia, Nyx, Eva, Marcus, Morderain

IX-10-01 - The Approach
IX-10-02 - Elder Elm
IX-10-03 - Druid Statue
IX-10-04 - Dash's Murder
IX-10-05 - Aelemental
IX-10-06 - Gigolo Thief
IX-10-07 - Death of an Angel
IX-10-08 - Orcs in the Pass
IX-10-09 - Vilhelm's Blades

Chapter 9

One of the barons in Kashin hires a team to investigate certain 'happenings' within his sphere of influence in the summer of 1333 Avard.

Characters: Aegun, Genger, Orla, Leshanna

IX-9-00 - Prologue: Lord Shield Wall's Mage
IX-9-01 - Lord High End's Blood Mage
IX-9-02 - A Shade in Golem Armor

Chapter 8

A band of arcane gypsies immigrates to Rakore to start a new life, free from the Inquisition.

IX-8-0 - Backgrounds
IX-8-1 - The Show Goes On
IX-8-2 - Demonic Dryad
IX-8-3 - Two-Headed River Troll

Chapter 7

The Star's End Monastery hires a number of linguists to search the world for rare and obscure texts – and acquire them by any means necessary.

IX-7-0 - Background
IX-7-1 - Indenturitude
IX-7-2 - Spiders in a Storm
IX-7-3 - Blood Vines
IX-7-4 - Ring of Stones
IX-7-5 - Wolfrider Bandit
IX-7-6 - Staynair's Steel
IX-7-7 - Giant Silk Robes
IX-7-8 - Demon Tailor
IX-7-9 - Rotten Priest
IX-7-10 - Vine Master
IX-7-11 - To Skin a Frog
IX-7-12 - Orc Harvest
IX-7-13 - Aerie of Slaves
IX-7-14 - Defaced Magic
IX-7-15 - Red Steel Monk
IX-7-16 - Master Tarshel
IX-7-17 - Edward Gray
IX-7-18 - A Visit to the Spa
IX-7-19 - The Ionian Guardian
IX-7-20 - Undead Trees
IX-7-21 - The Merchant's Treehouse, Part 1
IX-7-22 - The Merchant's Treehouse, Part 2

IX-7-Summary - Summary of Campaign IX, Chapter 7's accounts and exploits, as well as list of players and characters.

Chapter 6

In this mini-campaign that tests a new gaming system, a priest and a paladin of the Mad God Nabrol set out on an adventure to find a last artifact of their lord, sailing out beyond the end of the world.

IX-6-1 - The Keptin's Trusted Man
IX-6-2 - Sabotage on the High Seas
IX-6-3 - Torturous Shipwreck

Chapter 5

While a major campaign takes place, there are millions of NPCs that make up the world around the campaign. A number of 'one shots' look into the lives of those multitudes.

IX-5-1 - Hobrimeth, Chandral, Capital City
IX-5-2 - Hobrimeth, Barrier Reef, West of Mutaile Island
IX-5-3 - Kora Swamps of Aslin, South of Lake McBride
IX-5-4 - Chilleth, Fugo Kingdoms
IX-5-5 - Kurdrick Forest, Cidalia
IX-5-6 - Holy City of Karmen
IX-5-7 - Halinar Duchies, Shaemin Duchy
IX-5-8 - Risan Mountains, Northern Galanath
IX-5-9 - Straits of Sloph

Chapter 4

The Ducal Mage of the Janis Plains and his brother, a scribe for the Church of Lul, have gone into business together with the blessings of their superiors. Ancient tomes and moldy maps give clues to a past long thought lost – or even forgotten, and the two brothers have hired a band of professional explorers to investigate that past.

Characters Include:
Sorsha - Kalashtar Bard/Artificer
Murdoch - Genasi Swordmage
Balasyr - Dragonborn Sorceror
Greff - Githzerai Monk
Nadar - Dragonborn Fighter
Roswyn - Gnome Artificer
Kuori - Goliath Warden
Varis - Kenku Ranger
Hearne - Amaran Druid
Ryviik - Desert Elven Ranger
Graven - Warforged Warlord
Aeron - Human Cleric (Yatindar)
Arkhan - Dragonborn Paladin (Xynosalionisis)
Orren - Human Warlord
Erik - Half-elven Runepriest
Corinne - Halfling Rogue
Alaire - Human Wizard (summoner)
Dert - Kobold Shaman
Wreckless - Dwarven-Changling Warlock
Gabe - Human Bard
Io - Eladrin Shaman
Tiny - Orc Barbarian
Enna - Grippli Swordmage
Ivan - Human Fighter
Cerval - Elven Sorceror
Adrik - Dwarven Invoker (Brigain)
Codrus - Minotaur Warden
Kodrin - Human Fighter
Adran - Human Warlock
Belsarius - Human Warlock
Argoth - Human Bladesinger

Detailed Timeline:

Recaps Include:
IX-4-1 - The Manse of Valen
IX-4-2 - Gueron's Cave, Part One
IX-4-3 - Gueron's Cave, Part Two
IX-4-4 - Flowers for the Church
IX-4-5 - Old Man Dardis
IX-4-6 - Dulmathriel
IX-4-7 - Yatindar's Eve
IX-4-8 - Curse of the Ruins of Ranis
IX-4-9 - Library of Kaerling
IX-4-10 - The Meridian Manse
IX-4-11 - Kagen's Revenge
IX-4-12 - Werewolves in Rustos
IX-4-13 - The Second Sons
IX-4-14 - Kalburn Stonehammer
IX-4-15 - Reegel's Tomb, Part One
IX-4-16 - Reegel's Tomb, Part Two
IX-4-17 - Reegel's Tomb, Part Three
IX-4-18 - Framed for Murder
IX-4-19 - Crisis of the Faith
IX-4-20 - Arrival of the Duke
IX-4-21 - Wraithspawn
IX-4-22 - Ducal Days
IX-4-23 - Werewolves in Teras
IX-4-24 - The Lady of Wolfsmark
IX-4-25 - The Eye of Galgiran
IX-4-26 - Return of the Bloodstone
IX-4-27 - Wolves in the Mountain
IX-4-28 - The Orchid's Troops
IX-4-29 - Orcs Versus Werewolves
IX-4-30 - Wolves on a Silver Porcupine
IX-4-31 - Exorcising the Demons of Teras
IX-4-32 - The Tongue Demons
IX-4-33 - Where Galgiran Wills
IX-4-34 - Theft of a Weredwarf's Beard
IX-4-35 - Lena to Lok Sadic
IX-4-36 - Interlude - Wreck of the Usher
IX-4-37 - Exploding Cacti
IX-4-38 - The Meat Market
IX-4-39 - Bride Price
IX-4-40 - Truce of the Treants
IX-4-41 - Two Towns to a Mountain
IX-4-42 - The Dragon's Bones
IX-4-43 - The Arcane Madman
IX-4-44 - A Steel Dragon in Chasadan
IX-4-45 - A Village Gored
IX-4-46 - Return to Ranis
IX-4-47 - The Cat Who Walks Through Walls
IX-4-48 - Galvanus' Spring
IX-4-49 - King Lightforger
IX-4-50 - Meinke's Revenge
IX-4-51 - Twice the Poison
IX-4-52 - Feyndin in Fasra
IX-4-53 - Maester Jaimee
IX-4-54 - Biiig Troll
IX-4-55 - River Crowning
IX-4-56 - The Destruction of Koultris
IX-4-57 - Tick, Tick, Tick
IX-4-58 - Warforged Boom
IX-4-59 - Arrow in the Dark
IX-4-60 - Your Mother, The Baroness
IX-4-61 - Wharfside No 18
IX-4-62 - Bouncing Up The River
IX-4-63 - Angels, Demons, and the Nobility
IX-4-64 - Coup de Guerrier
IX-4-65 - A Secret Army
IX-4-66 - The Weavies' Lich
IX-4-67 - Rainy Return

Chapter 3

The primary port for all of Rakore is Teras; the majority of everything that comes in or goes out flows through the city situated at the mouth of the Galanus River. The local ruler, Count Thaleus Stongegrudge, has a cadre of trusted nobles and reeves working with him, and together they maintain order in the surrounding lands. “Reeve Joshua has something he wants you to do; it pays the usual…”

Characters Include:
Vernan - Halfling sorcerer
Roswyn - Gnomish artificer
Nadar - Dragonborn fighter
Greff - Githerzerai monk
Rain - Longtoothed shifter barbarian
Felix - Eladrin wizard
Viegar - (Stereotypical) Drow assassin
Varis - Kenku assassin
Kaire - Kalashtar Cleric
Brandis - Human Warlock
Sim - Changeling Bard

Recaps Include:
IX-3-1 - Into the Swamps
IX-3-2 - The Food Must Flow
IX-3-3 - Diseased Roadways
IX-3-4 - Magicked Roadways
IX-3-5 - A Mistaken Priest
IX-3-6 - Elemental Corruption
IX-3-7 - Dopplegangers, Plural
IX-3-8 - Murdering Seekers
IX-3-9 - Eye of the Beholder

Chapter 2

The farmhold of Caerne was destroyed in one terrible night. The undead killed almost everyone, and despoiled once verdant farmland. All that remains for the survivors is a thirst for vengeance.

Characters include:
Telamon Williamson
Lucard Wildstep
Aelar Wildstep
Liam Caerne
Saebael Kennyron

General information:
Lands of Sir Tyrne
Background of Caerne's Place

Recaps include:
IX-2-1, Ashes to Ashes
IX-2-2, Bones to Dust
IX-2-3, Prayers for the Fallen
IX-2-4, The Other Team's Bust
IX-2-5, Bringing Home the Mutton
IX-2-6, Goodbye Mother, Goodbye Lord
IX-2-7, Calling the Cavalry
IX-2-8, Fair Thee Well, Avenger
IX-2-9, Mining the Depths
IX-2-10, The Depths Strike Back
IX-2-11, More Questions Than Answers
IX-2-12, The Price of Enduring
IX-2-13, The Price of a Bed and a Bath
IX-2-finis, The End of the Beginning

Chapter 1

A man by the name of Horbe sent out invitations to a number of prominent individuals throughout Rakore, and offered to pay them fair money to ship out for several weeks and find specific items of interest for him. The strangers met for the first time at a prearranged time and place, with barkeeps and barmaids knowing who Horbe is.

Characters include:
Garet Fellhaft
Dolon Uther
Draelien Bloodbanner
Hadarai Jelenneth
Liffey Rossin
Johannes Whermak

Recaps include:
recap 01 - The Beginning (five maps received)
recap 02 - Vanishing Act
recap 03 - Enter Sunalor and Liffey
recap 04 - Massacre of the Immedhya Sholin
recap 05 - Serendin's Dagger
recap 06 - Serendin's Circlet, Hail the Dark King
recap 07 - A Floating City
recap 08 - Bloodmages Neath Lok Magius
recap 09 - Welcome Johannes
recap 10 - The Candle of Truth
recap 11 - Serendin's Ring, Welcome Grania
recap 12 - Clockwork Constructs, Welcome Kataelia
recap 13 - Serendin's Shield
recap 14 - Pirates on the Dellistar
recap 15 - A Storm Begins, Welcome Meredith
recap 16 - The Cries of Gulls
recap 17 - The Final Sunset
recap 18 - Corpse on the Yard Arm
recap 19 - Falling Water and Dangerous Mages, Welcome Falcron
recap 20 - Come the Flood of Undead
recap 21 - Into the Undead Lion's Den
recap 22 - The Undeath of Toirin

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