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Campaign IX, Chapter 7, Episode 13

Aerie of Slaves

Location: Star's End Monastery, Rainbow Mountain

Date: Fall, 1332 Avard

Characters: Ferric, Yurok, Ethana,

Outline I. The Mission

 A. Recent tapestry acquisition shows location of Ocle Vian
 B. Historically, the name has been associated with the Rainbow Mage
 C. Rainbow Mountain is even thought to be named after him
 D. He was a slaver mage some time before the Storm Wars

II. The Ascent

 A. All mounts save Zwei left at monastery
 B. Party starts out on the first day of winter
 C. Weather holds till that evening
 D. Storms hold them an extra day
 E. Three more days to rough location on the mountain

III. Entry

 A. Eagles nest together in rookery
 B. Rookery flights lead team to entryway
 C. No door, but mantle says Unth Elok
   1. Entryway arcanely protected against weather
   2. Mage bolters blast anything that moves in the hallway
   3. Skull-sized chalcopyrites fire variety of bolts
 D. Use the rookery
   1. Was once a windowed room
   2. A blast of some kind took out the thick windows
   3. Eagles object, but but are easily taken care of

IV. Garden Arena

 A. Rookery leads to...
   1. Arena?
   2. Garden?
 B. Was once a giant tree
   1. Emptied out bowl of the trunk remains
     a. All else that remains is a shard a yard long
     b. Later identified as Sacrifice Tree
     c. Soaks up a lot of blood
 C. Paths cleared through vegetation that grows

V. Aerie

 A. Elven design, Dwarven construction
 B. Kitchens were once magical
   1. Fresh preserved fruit still inside a box
   2. Carbon coats everything
 C. Walls are brilliantly polished everywhere else
 D. Master had to have flown
   1. Master bedroom accessible by flight
   2. Accessible by hallway
     a. Mage bolter removed from one place
 E. Entryway Statue
   1. Faces out
   2. Yurok knocks it down
   3. Blasters hit anything that moves in that area
 F. Servant Quarters
   1. Five rooms open into larger room
   2. Everything scoured away save one room
   3. One room has polished walls chiseled on
     a. Dwarf left letter
     b. Mage not seen in 50 years, he writes
     c. 'The Cube' kills them all, one by one, growing

VI. Show Down

 A. Fifteen foot cubed gelatinous mass
 B. Colored in a variety of hues
 C. Beats on them
 D. Sucks Bastion in to digest him
 E. Ferric unable to leave his 'companion'
 F. Yurok stays at a distance firing quarrels and shot
 G. Ethana uses hammer to pin cube
 H. Bastion finally gets free
 I. All retreat down a hallway that slows the big cube
 J. Blast it from a distance until it falls apart.
    1. Three enchanted items survived
      a. A ring
        i. //Ring of Uncanny Judgement//
      b. A mage's master tome
        i. heavily ensorcelled against intrusion
      c. A necklace
        i. the necklace makes the wearer safe from mage blasters
        ii. it is enscribed with Unth Elok

V. Aftermath

 A. Yurok and Ferric begin making plans to occupy the retreat
 B. Camp and rest at the site before heading back

Behind the Scenes

Date: THU13MAR2014

DM's Notes: I desperately need to remember to get a small clock that I can see while I'm behind my DM screen. There's a giant, three foot across clock right behind my seat, but I can't see it to pay attention to it. Since we game on Thursday nights and we all work the next morning, we have to wrap things up at a reasonable time. Ross and Paul wanted to keep playing from last session, but without Sam we didn't have the right team members. Keeping things episodic will have to be enforced for awhile, I think, until they've got the characters they want and a stable group setting. With Sam not there, Sommer brought in a dwarven rune priest.

Reference: Campaign IX

Paul (Ferric)

No comment.

Ross (Yurok)

I'm writing a summary from Yurok's point of view for this latest recap, and Paul has written a recap on the orc plateau adventure, so we can post those in addition to what you have here.

“That would be AWESOME!” -Joe (DM)

Sommer (Ethana)

No comment.

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