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Campaign IX, Chapter 5, Episode 1

Location: Hobrimeth, Chandral, Capital City

Characters: Able, Roth

Two thieves burgle a manor while the family is at a ball. In the end, they find that the lord of the manor had been smuggling duergar through the city, and the thieves wound up burning the duergar alive in olive oil (and killing the nanny's elderly mother) in order to escape with their lives. After making away with nearly 9,000 silver in loot, they decide to retire along one of the smaller fishing villages along the coast – only Able gets himself killed along the way.

Behind the Scenes

Date: THU26APR2012

DM's Notes: This was our first 'one shot' in a long while, and the guys seemed to enjoy being handed a character and told to go with it. I used the now obsolete DM's Tools to make 'monsters' – in this case, 3rd level skirmishers. This reduces the size of the character sheets to one page (and not even a page, at that), allowing for more role-play and less 'hunting for powers'.

Ross (Roth)

Very fun. I'm really looking forward to peeking into people's lives around Gaeleth!

Bill (Able)

No comment.

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