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Campaign IX, Chapter 4, Detailed Timeline

Working out formatting issues, but included is the gist of the information I've collected as Dungeon Master and story-seed for this campaign.

Lan, 1332 Avard

1st Meridian Explorations requests adventurers arrive by 1 Dalan.

13th Records excavated in Chasadan indicate Valen Talross was an adventurer.

Dalan, 1332 Avard

1st Adventurers given a day to organize.

2nd Company sent to the Manse of Valen; battle snowfell and rott grubs, find treasure, and return.

3rd ME sent to Rustos to find Gueron; finds shredded clothing out on the plains.
Hershel and William begin analyzing Valen's information.

4th ME searches Mount Breakhammer for 'demons'; find fire bats, ice cube, crystals.

7th ME returns from Mount Breakhammer; battles boar and slays it; Able trapped and freed.

8th ME leaves Rustos for Chasadan.

9th ME sent to ruins of Dulmathriel to find Stamp of Peace missing monks and paladin; slays scores of kobolds, finds paladin's blade, and finds Orven Lightforger's tome. Hershel sends message to Lok Magius via courier regarding payment for crystals, race of Greff.

11th ME sent to Teras to find Old man Dardis and ask him about Valen Talross. Hershel, harried and hurried, agrees to half finance a ship for Murdoch. City-wide preparations being made for Yatindar's Day on the 17th.

12th Nalf hooks Greff up with Barb's Brew at the Orchid's Dew; Murdoch attacked by Kagen the Blackknife.

13th ME nearly burns down Rolf's Butchery when interviewing Old Man Dardis.

14th ME returns to Chasadan.

15th ME investigates Dulmathriel; finds and destroys statue of Infierne, and obtains powerful weapons. Murdoch leaves for Thayer's Rock to request the building of a ship.

16th ME thwarts High Priest of Yatindar's assassination attempt on Hershel.

18th ME sent to ruins of Ranis; curse of Ranis lifted; merchant's diary of Lul found; library of Kaerling found; otyughs and carrion crawlers found; Varis and Greff catch and overcome filth fever. Donald the Miller leaves for Chasadan on his old mule.

19th Hershel is deeded warehouse; ME fights mimic and finds Althis in the warehouse; Kagen the Blackknife and over a score of thugs attack and are repelled; Kagen taken captive; martial law declared for the night.

20th Graven Warforged awakens near Chasadan; Corrin sneaks into ME; Rustos' Donald the Miller asks for help; ME catches a score of werewolves in Rustos and kills an Alpha.

21st Aeron returns to Chasadan to obtain counter-curse ritual.

22nd Aeron returns to Rustos with counter-curse ritual; ME obtains scroll of Smithbane Guardian / Dragon's Bones.

23rd Arkhan joins ME; 'gold shipment' intercepted by bandits; ME catches and kills most of bandits.

24th Hershel receives reply on Greff's status and request for payment; Hershel and most of the circle of Chasadan leaves for ducal court in Fasra; Priestess of Brigain in Chasadan grants a prophecy to Arkhan.

25th Kalburn Stormhammer attacks M.E. when they ask too many questions.

27th ME investigates Reegel's Tomb.

28th ME wanted for murder as two dopplegangers are loosed on Chasadan by one of Father Albrem's servants, Father Khalium – brother to Colonel and the Cardinal Mother Khalia; Crisis of Faith declared at the Swaddled Blade after a fire warning is put out and a faux plague contained. Saint Karl's blessing witnessed in the temple.

Trilan, 1332 Avard

5th ME pardoned by the Duke as he arrived in Chasadan with his entourage. A vortex wraith possesses a paladin and kills several people, before being defeated by ME.

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