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Campaign IX, Chapter 11, Episode 01

Ruins & Centipedes

Location: Firland

Date: Summer, 1333 Avard

Characters: Gwen, Este, Halite, Tendaji, Nalani, Klaris, Galadriel, Kravass

The team is hired by a dwarf to look for gems in ruins south and east of the town. They can keep any gold or magic or items they find, save gems. They are to look for two friends, especially, and if they are dead, return their bodies for services. After traveling together for two days, the team finds the ruins – guarded by a horde of hungry centipedes the size of dogs. They fight the centipedes off, working well together, and find the remains of the two friends.

Behind the Scenes

Date: 2016

DM's Notes: This was an introductory campaign for several of the kids in the Triangle Homeschool group who were interested in Dungeons & Dragons, but had never played. They started with pregenerated 'generic' characters that were iconic to the classes and chose them based on their own interests.

Reference: Campaign IX
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Sommer (Halite)

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Heather (Nalani)

Saige (Gwen)

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Seth (Este)

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Aidan (Tendaji)

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Shelby (Klaris)

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Anna (Kravass)

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