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“Dame it este !!!.”

Character concept by saige, all rights reserved.

a High Elf who loves history ALL of it

Current Status: Adventuring near Takanal in 1333 Avard.


Height 6’4” Weight 170 lb Age 85 Race High Elf Gender female A fair skinned Elf with chestnut hair cut to her shoulders and Hazel eyes . Gladriel wears Dark Green studded leather each stud look like a leaf and between each leaf is the dauvin symbol for protection . Then strapped to her waist is her Great Axe (which honestly to her is about the size of a regular Axe) which has the following dwarven symbols engraved on it ‘ Protect , Fate , and Creat . Gladriel does not use her Axe because she is good at she uses it because she likes it .

   More items you might find on her belt is her whip and her rapier  on her whip she engraved the dwarven symbol for Torch , on her rapier  she has the following dwarven symbols ‘ Joy , Home, Gift . ( Her rapier was given to her by her father ) . She has a white rabbit fur cloak on her back  . And a ring of warmth on her finger . A special  sack  on  one arm . On the other arm is a longbow given to by her friend Esteleshirisal  ( who is simply aggravating ) gave to her  ( she has not carved a symbol on it yet but she hopes to carve the dwarven symbol for gift ) .    Black boots on her feet . A metallic silver colored necklace that looks like a snake  holds a small stone in it’s  mouth ( the stone that lets  her do magic ) hangs on her neck . 


When Gladriel was young (for an Elf ) her mother died . So she lived with her father , siblings , and grandparents . Her father taught her how to engrave weapons, make weapons , fight , and speak dwarvish . Her grandmother taught her how to cook , survive in the wild ( doesn't mean she likes the wild ) , And identify spice . Her grandfather taught her how to take care of her armor ,weapons , and clothes , make armor ( leather armor of course ) , and wright in Dwarvish , Elvish , And Commen . Her grandmother owned a library so she got to read for free ( which she loved ) . She had 4 siblings two girls two boys . Elly the oldest girl , her than ,Lane aboy , Zenzy a girl , Blane aboy (thoughs are all ebreveashons of their full names ) .


Galadriel is a smart , sarcastic , and easily annoyed

For more information, see campaign_ix

5E Stats

2 level fighter / 3 level wizard

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