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Character concept by Joe Parish and Seth Thomas, all rights reserved.

Current Status: Adventuring in the woods southeast of Kashin in 1333 Avard.


short for a wood elf and green tunic. blue magic


Esteleshirisal was born to the Lord of Autumn Leaves in Rakore's Alsavier Duchy, eldest son of Duke Itaeleran Hireyesiye. Este was made the Baron of Gray Lakes at his coming-of-age ceremony. Though of noble birth, Este's home has always been the sylvan woods, and he sought to escape the trappings of nobility, feeling ill at ease in the courts of his father, as well as the chosen successor. The isolationist policies of Este's father and his hard-handed nature may also have factored into the escape.


More on this, later.

For more information, see campaign_ix

5E Stats

ranger build

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