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“I need to write that down.”

Character concept by Heather Thomas, all rights reserved.

Current Status: Adventuring near Takanal in 1333 Avard.


Age: 14, Female - Height: 5'10“ - Weight: 145lbs

Nalani is tall for her age. This, combined with her tendencies to be still, quiet and observe rather then engage, makes her seem older. She has brown eyes and dark hair that's cut quite short. She prefers dark clothing that covers her skin well, and is most often seen wearing dark, close-fitting pants tucked into very tall black boots which were scavenged from a previous (deceased) owner at the beginning of this adventure. She wears her own long black tunic over a long-sleeved dark shirt and newly acquired maille shirt (also taken from a deceased previous owner), belted at her hips. Her tunic is embroidered in dark thread with symbols from the School of Necromancy. It's not enchanted… yet ;) Her wide belt has several pouches on it that hold her smaller weapons (darts and sling), and various bottles of ink and nibs and pens and scraps of leather, fabric, herbs and other miscellany that she picks up along the way that may prove useful. She also wears a long, dark robe covering her clothing and weapons. Her latest addition to her outfit is a pair of copper and brass green-glass gnomish goggles that she has taken to wearing on her head most of the time. Her only jewelry is a gold necklace with a ruby pendant that she liberated from Tendaji at the ruins during the first part of this adventure, and a plain copper and steel bracelet that she found while the company was camping one evening.

Nalani carries a quarterstaff and a light crossbow, with bolts stored in a harness that crosses her chest. She carries her crossbow across her back much of the time, and her quarterstaff in her hand when traveling, though she is likely to toss it down when stressed, as she prefers her hands free.

Following Nalani much of the time is her familiar, Onwynn, who most often takes the form of a black raven. Since she first conjured him, she's grown rather attached, and has come to prefer him visible all the time. When he's not scouting, he'll perch on Nalani's shoulder for treats.


Nalani is an orphan. She doesn't know what happened to her parents as her earliest memories are from the orphanage she was raised in. Pleasant memories; some of the few she carries with her. One of the teachers at the orphanage was moderately proficient in magic, and recognizing Nalani's aptitude, arranged to send her to a friend of hers to be trained as a wizard when she was 7. Her tutor, Elidor, was very different from the comparatively nurturing attitude of the teachers from the orphanage. He was older, stern and had little tolerance for noise, incompetence or laziness. He expected Nalani to be still, be quiet and pay attention. She learned to read, write and recite under his (at times) harsh tutelage; tasks she lamented at the time but has since grown to appreciate. Thanks to Elidor's expectations, and Nalani's own hunger for knowledge, she progressed quickly through her training as a wizard. She studied languages with Elidor, who taught her Dwarvish, and surprisingly, Abyssal. She is proficient in both reading and writing both languages, as well as the Common tongue.

As she grew stronger and more proficient, she practiced her skills by unlocking Elidor's 'forbidden' cabinet and found reams of information about Necromancy and the War of the Undead. In particular, she was drawn to a small book with an arcane rune on its cover. It was in a language she couldn't read, but she couldn't seem to stop looking through it. Upon discovering her stealth, Elidor (after exacting appropriate punishment), encouraged Nalani to enter the School of Necromancy, which she later did. Unfortunately, her training with Elidor was cut short earlier this year when he fell ill. Nalani was away for the day procuring herbs and medicine, and when she arrived back home, found the house engulfed in flames.

Though she will never know what truly happened, it is assumed that Elidor fell and knocked over a candle, which caught the house on fire. Though Nalani cannot say she misses Elidor, as he was rather cold and distant, he was familiar to her and she misses that aspect of her previous life. She misses his books more than she misses the old man, and her own space in his small, comfortable home. Unfortunately, his books were not protected, and nothing was salvageable, which led to where Nalani currently is today - on her own, adventuring in the company of elves, a dwarf, a man and a tiefling as she continues her studies and hones her skills as both a magician and fighter.


Nalani grew up in a rather reserved environment. Her earliest memories from the orphanage make her feel warm and glowy, though she has no distinct recollections. Vague impressions of a kindly older woman, lots of noisy children, a warm fire and books - always books - come to her now and then, but nothing she can hold on to with any clarity. Far more clear are memories from her life with Elidor, where she was expected to study well and hard, with long sessions of recitation and memorization, reading aloud and writing. From this stern environment, she learned discipline, and so her personality was shaped similarly. She is quiet and reserved, preferring to observe and record rather than engage. However, she is not shy, and is keenly aware of both her ability and power when she chooses to exercise it. Nalani is studious by habit, and curious by nature, which has created a voracious appetite for knowledge. She is driven by a fierce need to collect information and seems to have endless capacity for storing it. While she isn't particularly brave, she appears so in the pursuit of knowledge. She's gotten herself into trouble more than once by needing to see better or touch something to figure it out. She's learning to be more cautious, and can often be found venting her frustration and recording her observations in her journal or spellbook when the company rests. She doesn't need a lot of sleep, and prefers the mid-night shift for watch (1AM-3AM-ish).

Nalani is not particularly religious, though she is drawn to the Church of Lul. Her true interest is in the Goddess Agincoth (though she wisely keeps that bit to herself). She's been able to discover that the rune on the book from Elidor's house is connected to Agincoth somehow. Unfortunately, she hasn't been able to find out much about Agincoth, and as her attentions are elsewhere at the moment, satisfies herself with doodling the rune in the margins of her spellbook when she's thinking until she can learn more.

As an orphan, Nalani didn't grow up with siblings or other children, and as such is much more comfortable in the company of adults. Her relationships with other adults tend to be distant, though she did find some commonality with the dwarf, Halite, as they had similar intolerance for some of the shenanigans that their other companions engaged in during this adventure. As Nalani was able to speak directly to Halite in Dwarvish, they reached an accord that Nalani hadn't experienced before. She and Tendaji had also developed an amicable relationship, teaming up in several instances to accomplish a goal. His distant personality reminded her somewhat of Elidor, and so she was quite comfortable around him and was sad to see him depart. Now, their company has been joined by Galadriel, who is an elf but also a wizard, and Nalani is curious to see how this relationship will develop. Isaac and Xydeco are also new. They seem nice, but Nalani is still undecided about them.

For more information, see campaign_ix

5E Stats

L3 Wizard - School of Necromancy


Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, History, Investigation

Languages: Dwarvish, Abyssal


  • Explorer's Pack
  • boots (+2 movement to wearer)
  • robes (+1 armor class to wearer)
  • maille shirt
  • map of the ruins
  • gold necklace w/ ruby pendant = key to traps in ruins
  • small vial of spider's digestive fluid
  • Billibit (glowy) mushrooms (glow is arcane; spells created or enhanced with them add +2 light magic across all stats)
  • 8 ogre teeth
  • herbs
  • book that was taken from the Monastery (unknown content)
  • Gryphon feather
  • phosphorescent living glow stones (assisted Este to create)
  • 2 Druidic books (stolen from Star's End Monastery)
  • 2 plain spark crystals (live)
  • 1 spark crystal from the golem
  • 1 odd spark crystal (glowing purple; holds arcane power and can store up to 3 spells; holding 2 spells already - unknown)
  • pieces of metal from the scrap heap at Sparks
  • 4 gnomish scrolls (rolled in a map tube borrowed from Isaac; Nalani owes him a favor for use of the tube)
  • gnomish googles (+darkvision to wearer)


  • GOLD: 218
  • SILVER:278
  • COPPER:710


  • Ray of Frost
  • Mage Hand
  • Acid Splash


  • Mage Armor
  • Find Familiar
  • Comprehend Languages
  • False Life (N)
  • Unseen Servant
  • Inflict Wounds (N)


  • Blindness/Deafness (N)
  • Enlarge/Reduce
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